Halo 2 Question

Is it confirmed that Halo 2 isn’t coming out for the PC? There are rumors being kicked around.

No definite saying now, but the way it looks, it’ll follow in line with every other X-Box exclusive game and be sent to PC a bit later.

yeah, I heard it is going to be released a bit later, but I don’t have a fixed date

Give a year to a year and a half and we’ll see it.

Are you serious? aww crap…damn Xboxes kicks the wall

It happened with Halo 1 and KOTOR, it’ll happen with kotor 2 thus most likely Halo 2.

They’ve already confirmed KOTOR2 being ported. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of Halo2 getting ported.

Kotor2 is coming out on pc first … take that xbox! slams a punch in the xboxes gut :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, you’ve heard wrong. Its the other way around, Xbox is getting it this year, and PC gets it february.
Xbox: 12/06/04
PC: “February 2005”

Still getting the pc version