I’ve never seen the original Halloween, which is good because I can’t gauge the quality or be biased.

From what I hear, it’s a BSG style reimagining rather than a plain ol’ remake as they used to call them. Minus the imaginary babes unfortuneatly.

Anyway, it’s good popcorn entertainment. Forgettable? Yeah. Is your suspension of disbelief necessary? Double check. But it’s certainly not bad. I knows what it wants to be and does it well. The first thirty minutes are a good set up sprinkled with only some of the…let’s say gut-wrenching scenes to come.

It’s also oversexed. Just so ya’ll know. There was a lady who was going to buy her kids tickets and said they were very mature fourteen year olds. Yeah, well, even if I had been working at the time and was able to get them in, that Mom certainly wouldn’t have been happy had she known just how many dedicated that movie is to following the rule of what happens to sexually active teens and the number how many exposed nipples there are.

Special kudos to the lady that played Micheal’s mother and Malcolm McDowell, fresh off his Linderman stint on Heroes.

Btw I remember almost not being able to get into Independence Day because I wasn’t 13. My uncle managed to persuade the gal in charge that he knew better what his children could see (IIRC the offending thing must have been a girl saying to the First Lady that her job was erotic dancing. That or the nuclear bombardment).

Kids can’t do a lot of things(most online RPGs, some video games, and of corse alot of movies). But we experience a lot of cursing and violence, adults just don’t understand. Like playing some movies on the PS2, it has the parental block for pretty much every movie above PG. I just set the parental block to 0000.

Oh dear god, nipples. I’ve never seen any of those before, thanks to a surgery my morally righteous parents had, removing my own at birth.

Well, you know, I was just saying…besides, I had those morally righteous parents, and thus, seeing exposed nipples for the sake of exposed nipples was a little shocking to me.

…Wait, what are we talking about?

My theater is very strict about these sorts of things but there’s a good reason for it; the MPAA does send people to theaters to check and make sure that we’re not allowing underage people in certain movies. We get fined a lot of money if they do find someone underage. People think their so smart about it too; if you buy a ticket to Balls of Fury and go in the opposite direcion towards Superbad instead, we’re going to see you.

Plus, there’s the fact that the Corporate offices of Cinemark are very close to me theater so we get people who work in corportate all the time. Thus, if we let a kid in, there’s a high chance that we’d found out and we’d never hear the end of it. Just the way it is.

True. But you have to admit, some movie ratings are exaggerated.

Oh, I’ll agree to that. I’m just simply saying that some of those rated R movies are rated so for a very, very good reason. My parents brought me to rated R movies when I was 5 and such, and if I recall correctly they weren’t this bad. I consider it favor that my boss kicked out all those 15 or 14 year old people from Superbad. After the first 15 minutes you knew where that movie was going. Pan’s Labyrinth was rated R and no kid should see that movie. Same way with Halloween.

Good point. Most movies are rated R for a very good reason, some really twisted people come up with movies.::dekar!::

Wait. Why would anyone pay for a perfectly good ticket for Balls of Fury only to waste them trying to see Superbad? That’s like ponying up for Cars then proceeding to waste them on Over the Hedge.

Some people are crazy like that I guess.::dekar!::

I’m ethically against the entire concept of ratings. The way the MPAA does them is even worse.

Yeah but before there were video game ratings kids would play Quake and bring a gun to school, some kids are crazy like that. Ratings can be annoying, but some are there for a reason.:hyperven:

EDIT: I have been struck suddenly by how very off-topic this is.

Yeah. I had to look back to remember what started this thread in the first place.

Ratings are my favorite excuse. You’re fired!

I like how the two girls (his sister and the one the with the hedberg look-a-like) were listening to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” when they were murdered.

edit: stop complaining about how kids can’t do shit, go outside and fucking do something productive.

:fungah:What do you expect me to do?

I saw Rob Zombie’s other movies. They’re violent to the point where it doesn’t effect you anymore. This one is probably the same way.

I saw it last weekend, and I gotta say, it gave a lot more backstory to the characters. You almost feel sorry for Michael…almost. There was of course, more blood and clotheslessness in this one than the original, but this being a Rob Zombie movie goes without saying. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I found the part where Michael duct tapes his slimy stepfather to the chair without waking him up–funny. You’d expect that he’d wake up yelling and cussing, but then he’s there…snoring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, totally unrelated to the movie, there was this god-awful promo before the movie started for the Ambassadors of Harmony acapella choir that lasted ENTIRELY too long. Seriously, everyone was starting to get pissed off after 25 minutes of “Fit as a Fiddle”. This was more gut-wrenching to listen to than someone getting stabbed to death. At the end of the promo, the voice-over invited the audience to attend their next performance, and one of my friends shouted “WE’D RATHER NOT!” …whole theater laughed. It was awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the age thing, you think fourteen is bad? There were two kids sitting behind me that couldn’t have been older than five years old. And the mother did nothing but bitch through the whole movie about how it sucked. Grrrr. >.<
I’m definitely not for locking up kids until they’re 21 to watch an R rated movie, but that is a leave-them-at-home-with-grandma kinda age.

::dekar!::Wow, 5 year olds!? How did they get past the people selling tickets? Did the Mom bribe the movie staff or something?:thinking: