Halloween 9

Opinions on Tyler Mane as Michael Myers?

I always liked Brad Loree the best personally.

You think Rob Zombie will be able to live up to John Carpenter as director for this movie?

It’s the ninth movie.

Hopefully Rob Zombie will do the soundtrack cause I wouldn’t bet on his directing skills.

It probably won’t be the same as the other movies, but think it’ll rock anyway. :slight_smile:

Are we talking about Zombie’s direction in terms of hialrious, in terms of stupid, or in terms of number of accidental views of crew members, mics, and other cameras? I think he can outdo carpenter in the last two, but I just don’t know if he can outhilarious the guy hwo made Ghosts of Mars.

I don’t think Rob Zombie is doing the soundtrack…just going to supervise it.

I wouldn’t be surprised though if one of his songs is snuck in though.

I think its gonna be good no matter who has it. I mean just the simple fact that its going back to the beginning and even before that is just plain cool. As for Rob Zombie, yes he has made dumb mistakes in his movies like the mics and stuff, but they were good anyway. Atleast I thought so anyway.

I just hope it isn’t horribly predictable like a lot of horror movies turn out after several sequels.

He flimed a gunfight to Freebird.

So, I concede the point. The man is a genius.

Gunfight to Freebird?

You know where you can see that online?

I’ve seen the previews, and it looks as if Michael is a bit of a badass in this one, much more like Jason Voorhess than the stiff who was in the original.

Yeah and the fact that Rob Zombie is directing it is a bit of a change. But i think this will be a really good movie though. Prolly starting a directing career for Rob.

Rob Zombie has directed House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects before. Therefore, it’s not a directorial debut.

oh ok. i didn’t know he had made any movies.

The previews look good it looks like tyler mane will do a good job.

Whose Tyler Mane?

I think it’s gonna be awesome. Although, the original is also quite awesome, so I wonder just how awesome it can be. That scene where Myers pops up in the back seat is wicked.

Tyler mane play’s michael myers he played sabertooth in X-men.

If he does a good job at this, that is.

I just saw a new trailer to it the other day.What was weird he had lourie like spear michael out the window and then you saw michael walking down the sidewalk with someone.I dont if it was lourie or not hell it could of been annie i just thought it was weird.Alright just saw the movie.I did not like it.Rob Zombie did a piss poor job of directing it that’s all i got to say.