Half Life 2 Expansion

Coming out April 24th. I can’t wait!

I dunno if I’m gonna buy it right away or not. I can’t tell if it’s just gonna be another bullshit show of poorly-handled HDR or an actual good expansion.

Do you have reason to believe Valve would push forward a bad product?

I want HL2. T.T

I have many good reasons Valve would push bad products; especially on release. Steam was so fucking horrible upon release that their help forums crashed because so many people had to get on.

Is that a trick question?

I’m not all too familiar with Valve, so you’ll have to present your points :P.

Eh, it’s just that every single experience I’ve had with them lately has been bad.
They focus on the wrong things when updating/releasing games.
Instead of trying to fix problems with their recently released games, they’ve been circlejerking over this stupid HDR stuff, which is very badly implemented in all the official maps.
Lost Coast worked fine, but any of the others and you’ll have half the clients crashing for no apparent reason.
They just seem to be getting caught up in all the wrong things. Not saying they’re bad, it’s just that their connection with the community is bad. They only talk to the community when it’s time to get them on their side.

So what’s this going to be about? Do you play as Gordon, Barney, Lamar?

LAMAAAAR :smiley: <3

And yeah Steve, I get your point now. That sucks o_O.

Uh, sorry for the necro-post, but DOES anyone have any additional info on this? Please, please share if you do.

Please. <_<

Well, let’s see. It ain’t so bad of a necropost, anyway. Valve was unhappy with how long it took them to release HL2, so they decided to split up their next project, a follow-up to HL2, into “Episodes.” At least, that’s what I’ve heard. The first episode will take place shorty after the events at the end of HL2. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Alyx, she’ll be with you for most, if not all, of the episode. It’s set to come out 4/24/06, according to GameFAQs.