Have any of you bought from half.com? Would you recommend doing it?

I’ve bought a couple things off half.com; its rare they have good deals, but it is worth checking out every now and then, esp if ebay is being mean. What I like about it is that its harder to get ripped off by unfair shipping on half.com. Btw, it IS owned by ebay, so its not all that unsafe

My dad told me about Half.com. Since I don’t buy CD’s, I’ve never gone there.:mwahaha:

It’s not unsafe, but their quality control is godawful. The Cowboy Bebop boxed set I got from them included a nicely scratched up first disk so that the first episode skips some. My friend ordered a few movies from them, and each movie was messed up in some way and were completely unplayable. They didn’t even have replacements so he had to get different movies- ones he didn’t even really want. Fun stuff. I don’t recommend them because even if you can get it cheaper from them, I’d rather pay a bit more and have a higher chance of having stuff in good condition.

I picked up a brand new copy of Breath of Fire 3 & 4 from half. I got a good price and fast shipping. But it’s just like ebay; check out the particular vendor first.

Thanks for the feedback - it’s too bad I didn’t read most of it before I bought today. (Hey, I was at work, the power went out, my computer was the only one running thanks to its predecessor, a backed-up data acquisition computer… I had to do something after I couldn’t do work!)

I ordered a sealed copy of Dragon Warrior 3 for GameBoy, and it should arrive before I leave next week. I wasn’t finding what I really wanted on ebay, and the stores around here were sort of lacking in complete packages. The seller had hundreds of positive feedback messages with only one negative. I hope this will go well, and I’m pretty sure it will.

This may sound odd, but I’ve found that Blockbuster is a great place to look for PS1 games.

They cost just as much as buying off of ebay (once shipping is factored in) and a lot of times they offer a 2 for 1 deal. I got Megaman 8 and a bunch of X titles for under 40 bucks :slight_smile:

Of course if the game doesn’t work, they’re fairly lenient with exchanges.