Hahaha, you want HOW MUCH for this??

Helping a friend ebay some stuff off, ran into this:



Over a thousand dollars? Really?
Not even in mint condition, and written with Engrish. wow.

I thought it was a fake since the asking price was just 123456 with a decimal thrown in.

I remember it ONLY RELEASED 100 SETS ON EARTH. Other 10000 in MARS! Show bastard Marliens that you had one too!

The Wii plays all Gamecube games and is significantly cheaper…

Uhh, I think you guys are missing the point. Obviously if you just want to play GC… there are cheaper ways to do it. This is for collectors only. Not that I think there’s a point to collecting stuff just for the sake of it, but I really don’t think merely having a Gamecube would be the motivation behind buying this :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was contradicting itself. (NOT FOR SALE JAPAN LIMITED?)
Besides, this is total bullshit. It’s not even in mint condition and it’s got scratches and shit on parts. It’d barely be worth $200, probably much less since it’s practically used goods. Even then, the rarer GC sets usually don’t go that high (certainly not $1000+).

Rarity doesn’t always equal lots of money (but most of the time, it does)