Hahaha first post!

:smiley: Haha, this really sucks!

Good job Gil.

Zeegy Boogey Doog!

Originally posted by Frameskip
[b]Good job Gil.

Zeegy Boogey Doog! [/b]

You deliberately spell that worng, Skippy?

I don’t remember, I havn’t seen the Demented cartoon movie in a while, and I haven’t been up this early is months, so I’m not sure.

Fifth post!:victoly:

Sixth! :o

2,3 and7!:victoly:

Who will get number 10???

Stay tuned!!!

D’oh, too late… >_O

(edit: heh, funny to see everyone’s Christmas avatar…in April)

…Speaking of Avatars now’s as good a time as any for me to get one, I’ll ask Deedly to do it!

But first time to fix my sig.

12th post, I guess!

In case anyone was wondering, it’s “zeeky boogy doog.”

<img src=“http://firstreality.keenspace.com/images/Nuke.gif” align=center> QUAOAR!

You know, this whole thing is a terrific excuse for Spoony to take a break from OL. Well, it’s not like he needed an excuse before, but this one is actually legitimiate.

Or in other words, an excuse not to update…

Does he need an excuse anymore?