Haha, FF:AC delayed again.


This is getting pretty stupid.

<.< i’m just wondering how many times a thread like this has been posted.

Well that’s just, [COLORFUL LANGUAGE CENSORED] isn’t it?

Fuck it, I am just gonna hope some one fansubs the movie >_>;;

…Gawd dammit >_<

urge to kill rising…

Very disappointing.
Maybe the delay will help SE/Sony Pictures to find the distributors for AC theatrical release in North America? Ok, just wishful thinking.
BTW, AC will be shown at the Venice International Film Festival Aug 31. The full version of Advent Children will be screened. The length of the film is announced at 100 minutes.

FINAL FANTASY VII by Nomura Tetsuya (Japan, 100’, v.audio. Japanese subtitled in Italian and English) with Takahiro Sakurai, Ayumi Ito, Shotaro Morikubo.

What the hell is wrong with all these companys and moving dates, I hate the damn bastards!

I bet there is no movie beyond the trailers, and the entirety of Japan is in a massive conspiracy against us.

I’m transalating from Nutter’s Colourful languages… (Al-bhed) What, they have done it again?.. (Bad English) something about Leet Hackers and programmers… (very bad German) Are they going to delay the Europe release date?

Nope, I will not give the accual transcript.