Hah, tattoo lovers got suckered

Never put something you don’t know on yourself

I’ve got to agree on that. I wouldn’t like to be called something that’s not me b/c of something on me.

Haw haw

While this would be freakin AWESOME, it kinda seems like a hoax, a. cause the workers in a chinese restaurant read the japanese - while the characters are similar, for an actual sentence/phrase like that, the representations in the two languages wouldn’t be close. I mean, maybe Japanese people work in a chinese restaurant, but I doubt it, it just isn’t done really, and b. those are katakana characters (used to phonetically represent foreign words that don’t have translation directly into japanese) inked on the girl’s back in the photo, and as far as I can tell/remember they signify “ieroomobu” - pronounced eeayroumoboo, which as far as I can tell means nothing. So uhh…yeah. That’s my take on it anyway.

But it would be totally kickass if it wasn’t a hoax.

-Mazrim Taim


Did the victims try to remove the tatoos?

I’m with Maz on this one. The katakana is pure gibberish. (Unless the “mo” is really a “ji” with the chon-chon out of place, and the last character has a maru instead of a chon-chon… then it’d say “yellow jeep”. :P)

I once saw this similar article where this tattoo artist, right before he closed for good, tattoed the word “ugly boy” or something on some poor kid. :hahaha;

I guess that teaches you to at least have a look at what the sybmol should look like, before getting it done, so you know whether you have been screwed or not, before leaving.

If you look around the rest of the site, you can tell it’s fake.

Still, that would be a good prank to pull on people.

Even if it was fake, it probably happened before but that’s still insanely funny. How frustrating.

Although this page looks like a hoax, it’s really common to see people tattooing japanese/chinese symbols without knowing what they mean. Some famous actor here had a tattoo written “muryou” which means “free of charge”. He had asked the tattooer to put a symbol that meant freedom. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I ever get a tattoo, it’ll be in frickin’ English.

Stupid ignorant yuppies get what they deserve, sounds good to me.

I don’t like tattoos but that article was just hilarious. It just proves my quote in my sig so well.

Didn’t some female singer have that happen? She got a tattoo that turned out to actually translate to something odd…

I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about thiss. I’ll never get a tattoo, due to my violent phobia of needles. :hahaha;

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about thiss. I’ll never get a tattoo, due to my violent phobia of needles. :hahaha;

You’d hate to have been me then GG!

I’m against putting tattoos on me, I would not put something on that I can’t get off.

Jing: Yeah, that was dear ol’ Britney Spears. She got a tattoo which she thought meant “mystical” but turned out meaning “weird”.