Hah ha!

For all you non-believers out there, it IS back!!!

And don’t make any comments about me making one comic and vanishing for another few months, because Wednesday’s comic is also ALREADY MADE! Huzzah! I’m ahead of my game for once!

…don’t try to sneak around and find it though, it isn’t uploaded, fewls. :ah-ha!:

You damn bard, always one step ahead. >=(

So you’ve got a Comic Buffer? Keep it big!!

Who’s The Purple Haired “Newbie”? Since I don’t remember seeing Him/her? Or is that The Next Joke.

Big Nutter
I’'d Better Stop warbleing then.

It’s SpoonyBard jr., no actually, it’s TD.

So I took the same head and gave it a haircut, sue me. I couldn’t find another suitable head for TD.

Tenchimaru SpoonyHead. ^^

So … yet another – nah, it’s too easy.

That’s… pretty much what TD looks like, you know, except his hair isn’t actually purple.

No, no this is what Tenchimaru Draconis looks like.

Ok, no comments about you dissapearing…again…and a-anyway, you did have a buffer, congrats. Now just go make sure friday’s is done ;P. And if you have any free time this weekend, I think it would be a good idea to make next week’s too…

Also: Not planning anything for Christmas Spoony?

And yes, that is another recolor…

(Vicious would like to mention that he was so use to not checking the comic, save once a month, that he compleetly forgot that this week was the restart.)

W00t! ^^ Hey, I LIKE the new sprite for TD. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record, TD is NOT a total recolor! His head is taken from the same sprite, though his hair is edited. AND it’s only his head, the body is from a totally different sprite. You’ll see it once I bring in a few different poses.

Friday’s IS done. hah!

And no major plans for Christmas yet, though there’ll likely be the obligatory Christmas-themed comic. Prolly only one though.

I am not a recolor! I’m a human being!

I thought You where A Pink “My Little Pony” that also Goes by the name of Bubbles.

Big Nutter
Or wasn’t I spose to tell them that.

It wouldn’t be Thomas from the same game, would it?

It is from the same game, but it ain’t Thomas. Merlin is the only sprite from him.

We all know that this is what TD looks like:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/hiryuu/td.gif”>

Oh right, Harid.