hades was shooting his mouth off again

So I thought I’d ask you, the fair people of RPGC to choose.

Who do you choose as hotter? (I’ll refrain from saying Hades’ choice.)

<a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/td/td.jpg”>Chick 1</a> (Center of the picture)

<a href=“http://stevesherrick.no-ip.info/72.jpg”>Chick #2</a> (Bottom left of the picture)

I also refuse to use names, at the request of one of those involved, and that no one else has anything to do with this. This is all my doing.
Also, this is my last post in the thread unless someone drags me back into it.
I will also not vote on this thread, and make it public.

Chick 1 obviously has intelligence, wit, and isn’t going to end up pumping out babies for the rest of her life. She is definatly hotter.


Oh for god’s sake.