“Hades Hen” or “Oh fuck, we’ve got to save Athena AGAIN?”

Okay, this is what I’ve seen so far. i need someone to tell me if anything else has been released.

[spoiler]Athena/Saori wakes up in the Sanctuary after having a nightmare that told her that Hades, the god of death, was coming for her. In China, Master Dohko (The old Libra Knight) also gets the same premonition.: After 243 years, Hades and his 108 specters are going to invade the planet. In the past Hades and his army fought the 88 Knights of Athena and lost but now the seal that Athena put in his tomb has weakened (Typical). Also, some dead Golden Knights like Aphrodite (That gay Knight), Pisces and Death Mask (Cancer) are revived, but this time they are in Hades’s side.

In the sanctuary, Mu (Aries) fights Hades minions and when he was just about to be defeated, Dohko comes to the rescue. Seiya gets involved but it’s literally sent away to another dimension by a kick in the ass from Mu. Also, Shion (Mu’s master and the previous Aries Knight) appears, also in league with Hades.

The fire clock in the sanctuary suddenly starts to work, the specters have 12 hours to get Athena’s head (Well, at least the time limit isn’t for the good guys this time).

The revived Golden Knights go after her while Dohko and Shion (The only survivors of the first war) prepare to fight.

Mu chases Saga (Gemini), Shura (Capricorn) and Camus (Pisces) which are after Saori’s head. Fortunately, the Golden knights that survived the Twelve Houses fight like Aioria (Leo), Milo (Scorpio), Shaka (Virgo) etc, are still loyal to Athena.

Finally, Shyryu, Ikki, Hyoga, Shun and Seiya (Who somehow got back) drag their asses back to the Sanctuary along with Dohko (Who has a surprising amount of energy for a 7000 year old). They start the fight with Shion. The moment in which Dohko recovers his young body and suits the Libra armor is truly memorable (And he’s damn handsome too).

The fight with the Hades minions gets hotter with an incredible amount of SFX while they get closer to Athena.

The last released chapters show Shaka’s death and Athena’s sacrifice (Please tell me she stays dead this time) which she made so her knights get improvements in his power and armors. Now Seiya and Co. need to obtain the Eighth Sense (How many of these are anyway?) which would allow them to survive in the death world.

Why don you just download the OVA and see for yourself


Hey SE I\m making SS avatars, u interested in one?

If you’re that curious, go look for the manga, because the hades ova has only 13 episodes (although they plan to release the rest of the series on the next months if this ova is succesful in Japan), and you don’t know for sure if Athena is dead.

Not surprisingly, Saga, Camus, Shura and Shion (no, he didn’t die, nor did Libra) were pretending to aid Hades but change sides. Which didn’t make difference, since they all die (again) in the end. Kanon equips the Gemini Armor (I think, didn’t pay much attention to the armor) and joins Libra as the last survivor of the Sanctuary. Leo, Scorpio and Aries are all beaten (and supposedly killed?) by Radamanthis. The OVA ends with Seiya fighting against Radamanthis and falling into some kind of pit (They’re already inside Hades’ domain). And Ikki didn’t come along…

in the manga, they die or something to get to elysiumand in the final battle seiya’s not simply killed, he’s nullified. I think. That includes the destruction of his soul and stuff.

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[b]Why don you just download the OVA and see for yourself


Hey SE I\m making SS avatars, u interested in one? [/b]

56K Modem, that’s why.

Yeah, do you think you can get me some of Saga and Dohko (Young version)?

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[b]56K Modem, that’s why.

Yeah, do you think you can get me some of Saga and Dohko (Young version)? [/b]

1-) I have 56K too, but I’m lucky enough to have friends with ASDL who download this kind of stuff and burn in CD’s to me :smiley:

As for the avvies: Finding a young Dohko pic is harder than finding a good Aioros pic, so I can only help you with Libra if you get the pic first. As for Saga:

I can do better yet… On Monday I’ll be at the lab again.

If you wish I can get an avatar made out of a screenshot. Just check the image gallery and the char info in that link on one of my previous posts.

You think you can make this a little smaller?

And this one.

Milo & Shaka done

I can’t make them background-transparent though, for I’m not using Photoshop… But I’ll on Monday, or you may ask someone else to paint the background transparent.

Double PostBTW, the best way to make an avatar is to get a screenshot of your fave saint and then crop him out of the shot. I did it to mine. It’s basically the only way to keep it a 1:1 avvie.


Hey, check out what I found. SS Mugen.

Lots of sprites may be found in its site: http://usuarios.lycos.es/mugencaballeros/index_2.htm