Hades, get on over here.

For those of you not privy to my previous guitar thread, I bought a guitar in the beginning of November, namely an Epiphone Les Paul. I, since then, have lost possession of said guitar (a friend paid me almost exactly what I paid for it), and I bought another guitar with said money.

The new guitar I bought was the same model, but with different pickups, and different color. I like the color on this one better than my previous one (vintage sunburst; a kind of black that fades to yellow). I realize the quality is not the same, but I plan to refret the guitar and change the pickups to Gibson AlNiCo doublecoils sometime near Christmas.

This is what I currently own.

I plan to buy another guitar next weekend, and I am deciding on an acoustic. I would buy a new electric, but a lack of funds for the electric I specifically want is making it quite difficult. I know shit about acoustics, so I guess anyone of you can assist me in what to look for, etc.

I’ve been eying this for quite some time, because it looks beautiful. My friend has been nudging me to get it, because he is a total Ibanez whore. Regardless, it got great reviews on a lot of websites, and it comes in both blue and red.

I’ve checked on many websites devoted to acoustic guitars, or even just guitars in general, but none of it is really helpful. I’ve checked a plethora of guitar wiki’s and nothing actually helps.

So I ask of you, namely Hades, the self proclaimed acoustic guitar bitch, on what I should do in terms of acoustic guitars.

edit; almost forgot the other half of this topic was meant for: if any of you have any quick remedies for fixing or removing fret buzz, tell me ASAP. It is REALLY interfering with my work. I raised the action to the highest it can be, and it doesn’t even reduce the buzzing at all. I would adjust the truss rod, but I really don’t want to end up with two halves of a guitar here.

Dude. What the fuck. I think you should learn how to play before you go buying more guitars and putting gibson pickups in – which are $150-$200 dollars EACH; as you can see that guitar has two humbuckers.

Hah, Setz is stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

walmart guitar

Gila, I know not to the extent of a lot of people, but I know the bare essentials and then some. I’ve memorized and practiced through the basic 7 chords and their respective minors, which I make a habit of practicing them at least for 1 hour a day, and then just practice on music theory and memorization for another 2 hours a day.

I’m not trying to make myself seem really talented, because I’m not. But I know enough (in my opinion) to warrant a guitar upgrade. At my local Long and McQuade, Gibson humbuckers are 120$ a piece; which I think is worth the quality.

You know, all this isn’t incredibly expensive as one might think. My old guitar was 400$~, which I sold to a friend for 350$, then bought a new guitar for 300$. This acoustic I am looking at is about 300-400 CAN$.

7 basic chords? what the hell, there’s basic chords? There’s 12 notes, if you’re going by major chords wouldnt there be 12 basic chords??


A, B, C, D, E, F, and G I know in the major scale.

edit; forgive me if I’m not that advanced yet, but I’ve practiced A major, B major, C major, D major, E major, F major and G major in terms of majors. I guess I consider these basic chords due to them being the first I’ve learned.

Was a good guitar. Y’know. TO LEARN TO PLAY ON. As opposed to oh, “lolz geetar her0 fun, i learn 2 ply 4 reel now! bai bst gatar i can cuz i hrdkor.” I think I made my point. Anyway, thats a quality guitar. Learn to play and prove me wrong :slight_smile:

A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#.

Yeah, I haven’t touched sharps or flats. Just pretty much majors, minors, and 7ths (I think they are called 7ths).

Unfortunately I haven’t a real instructor except that of my music professor who tests me on guitar weekly, and aids in any questions I do have. Other than that, and a giant poster of any chord imaginable I bought, I guess I am completely self taught. I am learning a little slowly because of this.

wasting money on shitty parts for an even shittier guitar

quick edit: plus what cro said
honestly what the fuck

This is starting to follow the format every one of your other threads follows, Setz.

  1. Setz makes thread, often about something outrageous.
  2. Inquiries are directed at Setz usually pertaining to his I.Q. or the logic of the topic.
  3. Mods close thread with obligatory comments on how strapped for cash Setz’ parents are.

I’m sure your mom would like to be able to pay the rent.

Yeah. Cro got a Wal*Mart guitar. We made fun of him for it, but that was purely in jest and just teasing. We all knew that was merely an intro guitar. Besides, if Cro bought it himself, I’m sure it wasn’t with money stolen from his mom’s purse.