Hades Doesn't Deserve A Thread


Oh god damnit. >:(


Anyways, happy birthday man.

Hehe. xD

Happy birthday, Hades. :slight_smile:

Valid only if cashed within the day.

Does that fucker even still post here?

No, shut up.

In honor of his birthday, I went to the gym and worked extra hard. :smiley:

I bought a Ps3!

happy birthday “mike”

This image brings back terrible memories. :expressionless:

Happy unbelated Birthday to you!!

Happy birthday, Hades. Also: I disagree!

Do you think that you could defeat a tank?

Yeah, happy birthday ‘n’ stuff.

Oh wait, there we go.

No, not in my opinion.

In my humble opinion, yes. Yes, I could. Along with my awesomeness at the gym, I have been sharpening my skills lately by watching Sasuke on my DVR. :smiley:

I liked Hades BEFORE it was cool to like Hades.