Hades Annual NHL Playoff Thread - 2011 edition

East: Washington obviously the favorite, but they’re the Sharks of the East…Philly’s been fading, B’s never get over the hump. I’d love to pick Pittsburgh in the East, but without Sid & Geno - please. But they have a shot. Count me in for the Pens. If not, it’ll be a lower seed either way.

West: Vancouver. If not, Detroit.

Finals: Vancouver over Pittsburgh in 5.

You’re still rooting for the Sabres though, right Locke? They better get their act together quickly though, and enough with the penalties boys!

I root for Buffalo, unless they’re playing Pittsburgh! Must win tonight for the Sabres.

Sabres won in overtime! Yay! Too bad they ge up a 3 goal lead so early though.

Are the Canadiens out of the playoffs yet?

No, they are down 2-3 to boston

Bruins lead the series 3-2.