.hack //SIGN

What do you people think of this series? I’ve started watching it and I think it’s pretty cool.

I must be the only person here who has not played and watched…this thing. I have never heard of hack prior to coming to this message board:thud:

Really good anime, but hard to understand.

It’s good, lacks a little to be among my three favourites though.

Originally posted by Nightblade
Really good anime, but hard to understand.

Play the games and use your brain. Hell, all you really gotta play is the first.

This is a big spoiler.

Tsukasa is a girl

Yes after seeing it all I didn’t expect that. It was a surprise.

But did Tsukasa even know before she got back? I remeber her saying she was a boy in one of the episdoes I beleave.

Yes. In one of the final episodes, Tsukasa had said something along the lines of “I… I think I’m a girl. The real me.” to Subaru.

Oh ok then thanks

Stiil makes you wonder Why pick a male character to play as?

Maybe she liked the male wavemaster layout better than that of the female wavemaster. Or she’s not straight :stuck_out_tongue:

Dirty, dirty mindset, Cro.

Anyway, it’s hard to understand the series if you just watch it by itself. You need to read some articles or play some of its offspring games to fully get the story.

Really bad anime, only hard to understand because they stretch what could be a two hour movie into 26 mindnumbingly boring episodes and intentionally confuse what is otherwise simple.


I still havnt gotten around to the game or series…and i want to, from all the good press it gets…

Meh, overall I think it’s above action but I would like to see a little more fighting and less talking of theories about Tsukasa, Key of the Twlight, etc.

Never played the games so it might have made a bit more sense if I did.

Cro, if anyone has watched the end they would probably agree with you

This is a pretty cool anime and I am playing the game right now. Its cool also. Im thinking about buying the dvds.

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Cro, if anyone has watched the end they would probably agree with you


I watched the end, and I don’t think of Tsukasa as that way. Only a loser :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Meh, I think .hack//SIGN is overrated. There is way too much talking going on, and I really had to force myself to watch the remaining 13 eps on my HD after I watched the first half. I think it just got hyped to death.

Bah, hack sucks! Well, the anime does, at least. I haven’t played the games.

Horrible, just plain horrible i think. The animation style is very generic and very lazy (most of the time it looks like your watching two pictures converse with each other). The whole plot of being inside an internet RPG is pretty unique, but i found it like a watered down dark ages inspired anime (you know, swords and magic ect.). I think is pretty cheap that they have 4 different chapters to the game, all around $50 bucks each as well (the games are pretty lame to boot to). I really don’t see what the big deal about it is.