.Hack// Legend of the Twilight-Manga

I was just browseing through a book store yesterday, and I came across .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Manga book#1. It seemed very interesting, so I bought it. The manga is about two twins (boy-Shugo and girl-Rena) playing a rpg called The World. The girl had won a contest letting both her and her brother to play as the legendary dot hackers, Kite and Black Rose. They meet a bunch of characters and through the manga mostly avoiding fights and having a bunch of funny sceens occur. Also a problem is happening, high level monsters are entering low-leveld gates and destroying the n00bs. I have finished the manga it’s really good. Does anyone else agree? Also I have seen this manga in other book stores before(like 3 months ago, didn’t really pay attention) did they make a second or third? Because it has been a while since the first came out.:thinking:

Alas for the days when monsters would destroy the world:ulty:

Okay, first of all, are you at all familiar with the .hack universe? Because if you aren’t, everything past what you’ve read will make no sense. .hack//UdeDen (That’s the short name for what you are reading) was more or less a closure for the first .hack saga, tying the loose ends from //AI Buster, //AI Buster 2 and the four games, all revolving around Aura. You CAN read it on it’s own and it’ll be cute, but you’ll miss a tremendous bunch of references, double-meanings, the significance of certain events and you’ll encounter a good deal of “Hey, where the heck did this character come from all of a sudden?”. Basically, it’ll seem like a really inane meaningless story by itself.

That said, yes, there are two more volumes. Speaking of which, there is an //UdeDen anime too which might be better suited for standalone watching than the manga. On the other hand, unlike the manga, the anime is not considered canon within the .hack universe and for a very good reason: It literally RAPES everything that was set in stone in the every other instalment. Avoid it like the plague if you ever want to play/read/watch any other .hack stuff.