Finally got the game. Yay. Don’t think I haven’t noticed it’s a 3D version of Diablo II :stuck_out_tongue:

The Questions:

I just finished and I’m planning on getting all the rare items before moving on with //MUTATION. I have a FAQ that tells me where they are, but most of them require Data Draining enemies. Getting the very few rare items I have (Bom-Ba-Ye, Jester’s Staff, Sakabatou, Shikisokuzaku and Bomber Axe) by these means was a pain in the arse, so I wonder if there’s any way to increase the odds of getting the rare item. Like if having a higher infection rate helps or not.

Does anyone have the Key Words from //LIMINALITY? My game is a fake copy ($18) and while it works without a single problem, it does not come with the OVA disk. I’m downloading it as I type, but it’s not going to be done until… somewhere between Monday and Wednesday.

I want to fight a bit to pass time, is there any area higher than Δ Hideous Someone’s Giant (Lvl30)?

And that’s it. By the way, I’ve already completed the Zeit and Goblin side quests and gotten Sanjuro, Natsume and Gardenia.

As a last note, I finally bought the final issue of //Legend of the Twilight Bracelet and I have two things to say:
1)The ending, while not epic in the least is really, really good.
2)The anime is a load of bull that ruined almost every character.

Theta Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy to get a Ceramic Helm. ONe guy got an Ice Block

REally, I thought the game wasn’t all that great. It’s just one of those Japanese randomly generated dungeon crawlers. I played it just to check my email

According to Gamespot the next 3 games in the series are even worse

After playing the game I thought the chibi look of legend of the twilight bracelet was a sacrilidge. And this is coming from someone who likes Welcome to Lodoss Island

Game Spot didn’t rate them lower because they are flat out worse, they rated them lower since they don’t really change anything and you still have to pay full price. The minor improvements are what kill them on the grading.

SE, you won’t find any higher level areas. There really is no point in leveling in Infection if you have Mutation. Spending the time to get the rare items is sort of a waste of time if you have Mutation since Mutation has many better items available at the first shop and it is easier to level since you can go to places up to level 50. Basically, just keep doing what you are doing if you don’t have Mutation, otherwise move on.

<—Is a Completion Whore.

Thanks anyway, I’ve found the rest of the special Keywords by myself so I’ll just keep trying to get those damn weapons.