.hack//infection- help with Skeith

I’m stuck on the second to last part in the first part of .hack// lol… I cant beat Skeith! the level is level 28, I’m level 33 and so are Black Rose and Elk that I use. But my damage does crap xx! His HP bar won’t go down as much as I hit him! and I last about 15-20 minutes before I slip up and die. Who knows a good way to kill him? :too bad:

You may need better equipment. Go to a level 30 area and Drain a bunch of monsters till you get a lot of rare equipment. If you get a few Jester’s Wand you will not have to worry about your wavemasters till the end of mutation.

Even with rare equipment your going to have problems,when fighting skeith pull kite as far away from him as you can and let him act as a healer while the other 2 attack,buy a bunch of healings and revives (99 healing recomended because after the battle consider yourself lucky to have more than 30)and keep the strategy even after Data Drain.

my party was blackrose and mystral.

i gave mystral a wand that had the revive spell.

so i let her stay in the back and ressurest me when i needed to.

i also had a lot potions. :moogle:

ty guys, I’ll try out your sugestions

Hey does anyone know the music they play in the battle with skieth? im looking to download it or something…

I had BlackRose and Piros in my party. They attacked and I had Kite heal.

Eh, I know this might be considered necroposting or something, but is it possible to just beat Skeith without Data Draining? If so, is the experience worth it?

no, he’s just like a data bug, you have to drain him. even if you could, xp is based on relative levels so he wouldn’t be worth more than anything else.

Dam buddy you got a long way to go!! :noway: but if you still need help on somethings just go to www.gamespot.com and search for .hack bla bla and click on the walkthrough link, YES THEY DO GIVE COMPLETE WALKTHROUGHS…hELL of alot better than spending $20 on some paper back crap :cool: