I just finished the anime and thought it was pretty good except for the ending. I felt that they could have easily extended the series at least 2 more episodes like all the aftermath and stuff.

Anyone else have thoughts about .hack//DUSK?

Get me a cable modem and I’ll tell ya.

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Get me a cable modem and I’ll tell ya.

points and laughs :stuck_out_tongue:

It was okay, but in my opinion, nothing beats the games.

I personally liked .hack//Dusk (up until the ending of course since that whole time I was just like :hmm: ). I thought it was at least better than the .hack//sign series since dusk had a more lighter tone and it just fit better than sign (.hack//sign series just seem way too depressing and serious, kept trying to be too much like a regular japanese soap drama).

The main advantage I saw DUSK over SIGN was the action and more reality of it.

DUSK had more realistic events of what The World would be like and had action pretty much every episode. A lot of the people like younger though.

wow… i feel so left out!!! i haven’t seen any .hack tv seris… i’ve only played the games which are fun :cool: tell me more about the show and where i could get a copy… if it’s out on DVD

SIGN is the only one out on DVD so far.

REALLY??? y is sign the only one out? either way i want to buy it! i love the games so the show can’t be too bad right?

.hack//SIGN just recently re-started(I think) showing on cartoonnetwork at 12 on Sundays.

As for why SIGN is the only one out is that is that 1. They might still be dubing SIGN and are no where near dubing DUSK and 2. DUSK takes place after the games so I guess they want to release the stuff in order.

Their done dubbing SIGN. A pretty good fansite had an interview with Donna Rawlins, the voice actor for BT. So I’d say that they haven’t dubbed yet, or their going to wait to finish the games.