Habbo Hotel

I just signed up, this seems so retarted but I love it. The game has many players does anyone play? I don’t like the way that they make you pay for your furni, it’s diabolic. Considering many of the players just trade and send it to others for free, I’m trying to find some people who can lend me some. All in all it’s like house online:booster:

I use to, but I said “This looks gay…” when I was 12 and haven’t touched it since.

oh no not this

I used to have an account. I got tired to race for free furniture and quit.


Pool’s closed.

Is it AIDS?

Needs moar afroduck.

Possibly, but my statement stands anyway.

Finland wins, AGAIN. Take that, /b/lockers!

God dammit my threads suck

FFS, what is the guy saying? I can’t really read it.

 :D          :D
 :D          :D
 :D          :D

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