I just have a try… I said to myself “forget about it” after I post my work to GAMEWEEKLY( a famous game magzine in Hongkong).
And today…

This is my work. Though I don’t think it very good…

Wow. You rock, Sun! I wish that more people had the guts to try to publish things, actually, especially certain people I know. =\


Indeed, very good. And I’m glad that you got it published!

I’m too excited…
Oh, can’t cool down…:yipee: :yipee:

Very nice work.

Show me what they wrote about your drawing >>;

Cool. Congratulations.
Be careful not to let them snatch you into a syndicate. They got deadlines and stuff. Deadlines are a torture.

Sun, you rock!

Sun, I barely know you, but already, I know that you R0XX0R more than most of the people here. Congrats.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
[b]Very nice work.

Show me what they wrote about your drawing >>; [/b]

Here it is

At first they don’t know what game it is from…

worships Sun (like the Mayans or something? odd) I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

Originally posted by sun
[b]Here it is

At first they don’t know what game it is from… [/b]

Umm, could I get a translation, please?

You have a great talent Sun!

That’s great, Sun, and obviously, you have talent. Yeah, I think you should translate what they wrote about your drawing for the majority of the people here, who, of course, can’t read Chinese. :stuck_out_tongue: But uh, what do you mean they don’t know what game it is from? Anybody can send a drawing without explaining anything and get it published…?

Actually, I don’t know what game she is from when I got this, and the knowledgable chief gave me a lot of stuff about “AIR”. Compared with it, I found this Misuzu worked by Sun is similar to the origin style. It will be better if you pay more attation to the detials and material.

Is This OK?


…I’m kind of jealous… since I’ve always wanted something of mine to get published… even small-scale projects.

(Of course, my Comic Project #1 got published in a small leaflet back in year 1994…)

(Comic Project #2 was a personal aechievement back in 1999 and computer lay-out use learning process.)

(Project #3: Scrapped. Poor Art Diploma Course attempt. May you someday be brought back from the ashes.)

Holy crap sun, thats awesome.

Wow, congrats Sun! And it really is a very nice picture, the colors and illumination is just perfect. Also, neat work on the skirt, cloth can be a pain to draw. :slight_smile: