Ha! Ha! Take that!

Sorry…I’m just sooo proud of myself, and I have to brag! I just told off an annoying girl who was bugging me to death! Mwahahahaha! :mwahaha:

Sorry…I am in a good mood…what else is there to say, really?

Lady Angel…here’s some advice: try either hitting her where the sun don’t shine a couple or times, or just tell her off.:kissy:

Your courage never cease to amaze me. yawn

I know! I am bold, cocky, and cute! Three lethal words combined into one lil’ Kitty Cat Gal! Me! :mwahaha:

Cute? gimme your pic!

I already told you, I can’t do that. Don’t really wanna, anyway…

Well that’s a mistake!

what girl here would give you there pic?



A times like these, it makes me wish that the TOB was back

Finally someone with balls…

So what was this girl doing and what’d you tell her?

what girl here would give you there pic?

I don’t know what girl would give charle there pic…but i can think of a few who would give him their pic…


No. Just no. Grammatical jokes aren’t funny.

shakes head geez, you people get wierder everyday…

lol… she’s caught onto the way of the RPGC. another one who left their sanity in the big pile.

So whenever some new girl tells a bitch off we need to get notified?Isn’t this how Lady Angel came to be…marked?

It really pisses off the bitchy girls when you stand up and tell them what you think. I almost got into a fight with one in my history class several times last year. What a whiny little brat. Of course, if we had gone at it I my teacher would have just reffereed.

It is fun to tell people to sod off, maybe it is supposed to be?

It isn’t fun when you’ve got the reputation of the school weirdo and get laughed off when you finally break a vein in your forehead due to the said laughing person’s doings.

Then I smashed a good one to his forehead with my knee.


What did you say to her, Kat Gal?