HA! Fooled you!

THIS is the boring and insipid thread that will make everyone hate me!

It’s a question thread. Why? I figure that I’m the only one at RPGC that hasn’t had one, and instead of waiting until people forget about the evilness of these, I’d do one.

So…ask me questions and I’ll answer.

Why do you insist on breaking the spam rule? you have ten seconds to edit this thread to rock. or else I will perm ban j00r 4$$!!!

Because I’m a fucking rebel, that’s why Keffie. May I call you Keffie?


Which Shotokan do you hate the most and why? Please give us a technical example along with strategy and statistical information.

(I haven’t made a question thread either. Bla)

I’ll answer with another question.

Do you count Dan and Sakura as Shotos? How about the SNK shotos, Ryo, Robert and Takuma?

I never had a question thread and probably never will. I’m not the kind of person to jump on bandwagons.

I jump on the bandwagon when people jump off.

I sabotage the bandwagons and collect my fee from the local government.

I consider anyone with a Karate Gi and QCF- fireball, Shoryuken air block and QCB- mid air kick a shoto :stuck_out_tongue:

…Yeah, all of those kinda find. Except Robert. He’s too much of a spoiled brat to me. That, and he has a charged projectile >_<

What it the meaning of undeath?

Why does your avvie look so menacing?

Why did you choose “Igatona”?

Ryuuhi : It’s the name I gave to the character in Inindo : Way of the Ninja, it’s been with me ever since.

CotB : It’s not supposed to, but it looks menacing because when you normally see it, it’s all in black and announces that you will get poked in the ass with a giant scalpel.

Ren : The meaning of undeath is to roam around eating brains, not unlike our Charlemagne, who eats faces.

Mab : I’ll do the analysis based on what I know.

Ryu : Hits hard, but is generally slower than Ken and Akuma. His combos are limited into finishing with a Hadouken, and as such, they tend to be three hit combos. The worst thing about Ryu is his Shin-Shoryuken, as a skilled player will find a way to place it, and it is easily one of the strongest moves ever.

Ken : Mostly a combo character, his combo ender is usually the Tatsumaki Sempuu-Kyaku, and as such, he tends to do 7-8 hit combos. He’s devastating because all three of his supers are useful (one rushes, the other is the perfect Anti-Air, and the other is a combo trigger that HURTS in SF3:3S) and that most of his normals can cancel into special moves. Just jump-in and use his toe-kick of doom and you can easily do a 10 + hit combo.

Akuma : Hits hard, hits fast, but his vitality is shit. He’s an old fucker. The staple Akuma combo is this : c.MK, LK Tatsumaki Sempuu Kyaku, HP Shoryuken. In 3S though, you can easily do the following : c.MK, LK Tatsumaki Sempuu Kyaku, near s.HP, c.HP xx HP Shoryuken xx Messatsu Gou Hadou (super art 1). Also has the Shun Goku Satsu and the Kongoukokuretsu-zan. Annoying as fuck. Also has an air-fireball.

Dan : Taunts. Annoying, but generally powerless against the other shotos.

Ryo (CvS2) : His gameplay has evoloved over time, but he usually uses the air fireball as his main way of pressuring. Slow as fuck. His Hien Shippu Kyaku is a great way to pressure. All of his supers are great, especially the Haou-Shou-Koh-Ken as it can almost be used as a faraway anti-air. The Ryuko Ranbu is easily comboed into and the Heavenly Phoenix Bam instantly dizzies the enemy. If he wasn’t so slow, he would be better.

Takuma : He’s good. Seriously. He is, but his gameplay isn’t shoto-like anymore. Yes, he has a fireball, but his QCB+K got replaced by a running throw move, so I can’t count him.

Shoto I’d use : Akuma.

Most annoying shoto : Ken.

Why? Akuma I use in 3S and CvS2, especially because he can rushdown and turtle effectively. Ken, however, can combo the fuck out of you, and has unbelievable priority. Many characters faced their doom against a middle-level Ken or an high-level one.

I’d give you the storyline, but I have to go eat, Mab. I’ll edit it if you need more.

If a train leaves point I for point P at exacly the same time train A leaves port Y to port F 20 minutes before the aircraft carrier O leaves docking bay R to docking bay S, what time will the regular train and the aircraft carrier reach point E compared to the time the other train reaches port X?

If you suddenly went complletely bald, what would you havew for dinner?

What was with that thing in your sig that had all those weird robots?

What about Sakura, numbnuts?!

Originally posted by Igatona

It’s a question thread. Why? I figure that I’m the only one at RPGC that hasn’t had one

I haven’t made one yet, sucker!

Can’t recall making a question thread either.

What do I have in my pocket?