Guys what happened?

The chatroom is empty aside from a bot and Lakitu who is also probably a bot.

The last thread post is over 4 days old in this forum.

What have you all done? Have you all forgotten your roots? Your… lives?

I miss you all.



Let’s play gunbound brah

We got old and boring and almost everyone left.

Hmm… I wonder why…

I’m implying I do know why.

Everyone left the chat. So I left the chat. Then Epic left the chat. Now only Lakitu and the bot stay in the chat. Except when I pop in just keep the room registered for some weird reason.

I’ll shit on your mother for five hundred dollars.

Everything changes. Except for war.

War never changes.

I have a feeling that something awful happened here.

Or more to the point, I think everyone found bigger and better sites and endeavors to spend their time on and left for greener message boards.

I was raped and now I’m addicted to scat

edit: Also, thanks be to god (and also with you)

Ramza killed a woman to steal one hundred twenty five dollars and eighteen cents. He used that money to buy crack.

Oh come now Steve- we see each other all the time! I just lurk a lot.

Also I moved on with some other past-#RPGC members to another server; though I tend to idle there a lot too.

I really should just get an IRC app for my phone.


You know very well what happened Steve

Yeah, everybody got old and left. Myself included.

GAP, though, seems to be getting back to the roots. The crazy, nonsensical post roots that is.

It seems that a lot of people are suddenly feeling young again! I Haven’t seen this forum this active in the short time I’ve been here! xD

Sorcerer: I’m just passing time before my death.

I was more referring to the hooker that he killed

but yes that too

are you still dating that funt of glory jenna?