Guys...I have a favor to ask...

Ok, so here’s the thing; There’s this scholarship contest on Brickfish for designing a pic to be made into wallpaper for the site of the game <a href=“”>Turning Point: Fall of Liberty</a> In the game, the Axis powers win WW2 and occupy the US, and in short, you get to kick Nazi ass.

Here be me design:

It’s not a huge thing, but if you guys could pop by and vote/comment for me, I’d appreciate it. sad puppy eyes
BTW, anyone else have a Brickfish account? If so, add me to your network…I’m lonely. :too bad:

Voted. It is really nice though and not distracting. Good job.

Unfortunately I looks as if it’s the Nazi’s flag that’s getting torn down (unless that’s your intent then by all means it looks quite good).

Not a bad graphic, especially considering a lot of the others used stock images.

She did say the Nazis won and occupied the US… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice poster. I also liked another one there with a Waffen SS and a star, but the star seemed a bit out of place as the game takes place in the U.S.

I likes it, I voted.

A lot of the higher ranked posters are terrible, the problem you’re having is you don’t have enough people actually looking through the posters and voting, it’s pretty much based on who can link it to the most people. :\

Pretty sweet poster, you have my vote.

There were some interesting Escher-esque posters as well… although the relevence of the arrows confused me.


Yeah, that kinda sucks…but eh, it’s worth a shot. :confused:

Thank you muchly for voting and commenting, guys. <3

You need only ask, Trill. <3

puts a little I VOTED! sticker left over from the primary on his screen

Originally Posted by She did say the Nazis won and occupied the US… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, I misread it. Consider it voted for.

Voted, of course! Damn, some of the higher ones really look terrible. x_o some obvious sloppy 1-minute-jobs… -_-’

I voted, made a comment, and gave a standing ovation. Bravo! :wink:

Attention please. That daily support thing means you can vote every 24h. So get to it, if you feel like it. You may want to edit the initial post, Trillian.