Guy Body Slams Buddy Off Roof


You know, the cover of that godawful Backyard Wrestling game did say “Don’t try this at home”…

I say not only are they ICP fans, they don’t know how to fucking read.

Now come on, they have to be able to read so they can find their ICP CDs.

Haha, I don’t think I’d mind if they died from that. And look at them squirming on the ground, screaming like little fucking pussies. So much for being tough.

You try jumping off a roof and not screaming like a fucking pussy… then again, you might be lucky enough to pass out.

They zoomed up on something at the end, what was it? It looked red and fleshie.


An errata, however, as this is a Michinoku Driver, and not a body slam. If indeed it was a body slam, the guy executing the move wouldn’t be hurt as he’d stay on top of the house, safe and laughing.

And they say video games make people stupid… Yeah right, the real people who should be getting shit are the WWE and WCW

OMG I know I shouldn’t laugh at people’s pain, but that was just TOO funny. My god! the sheer stupidity! Im still smiling from it. I especially like them rolling around, groaning in agony, and the guy is still just standing there filming it. Idiots! People get hurt pretty bad tripping and falling on the ground while walking, what did they think it would be like to jump off a roof?

well congrats to the guy in red pants im gonna jump 15 feet down land on my butt and be ok…people like that are why the U.S. are gonna be screwd 50 years down the line

Someone should give them their own show on MTV

i think somone already gave a show to idiotic people so they could do stupid things and it bombed…and then mtv tried it again with viva la bam…which is pretty much just cky once a week…

No word can comment this like…
friggin dumbasses

I’m surprised neither of them was holding their leg.

Reminds me of my old roommate’s backyard wrestling tapes, except they(Old roomie and his friends) practiced their moves in a fashion to minimalize pain doing stuff from rooftops(and even took classes on how to fall properly). On one such video, my old roommate is doing a moonsault off of his roof onto another person on a burning table, and neither one of them screamed like the guy in the linked video. Probably because it was acting. And even then, sometimes, it hurts.
It’s not what you do sometimes, but how you fall that makes it hurt. Somewhere, my stepbrother videotaped a dramatization of me getting hit by a car at 35 MPH. the best way to make that painless is to jump towards the car and roll off of the hood. I got right back up from it without a scratch. I wouldn’t recommend trying such a thing, but you’ll learn how to do such when you get hit by a taxicab in NYC. Luckily for me, I had a blanket converted into a knapsack with about 50 pounds of clothing, pillows and a hand drum, which broke my fall.

But in the case of the linked vid, it was what they did. They had no idea what they were doing, other than an imitation of something that isn’t real. And I’m sure that wasn’t how they planned the ill-fated Michinoku Driver, but that would be hard to pull off succesfully whilst making it fake. On a moonsault, however, you land with your hands first before falling on someone in order to minimalize the point of impact.

I noticed these things when I was a young kid wacthing wrestling. People don’t even really get punched, and the wrestlers stomp when they throw a punch to make it sound like a thundering blow. Even sadder is when kids think it’s real and try to emulate it.

And we wonder what’s wrong with America and see stuff like this. It doesn’t give an answer, but it in fact raises more questions about Television and how it controls people. So before you blame insert musician or video game here look no farther than your TV. Even the news media is to blame for stuff like this. Because they go after someone else to take the focus off of television. Also to blame are the parents of such individuals. This video(as well as other things I’ve seen) is proof that not enough parents try to educate their children. And the indivduals themselves are to blame as well. These people probably believe they’re invincible(as do a lot of young people) and do some outrageous things and have a defining moment that shows their vulnerability. Just not everyone catches these moments on tape.

Lastly, These kids should just leave it to the proffessionals. they could save face that way.


I’m seriously laughing! Man, that’s hilarious!

They clearly say, before and after each show, that they should not try this at home.

Were they high or something?

Yeah, they were on the roof. Heheh, get it? They were high cuz they were on the-Okay, I’ll shut up, put the guns down.

That was so lame, my face is bleeding.

“OK dude, what’s wrong?”