Guy Body Slams Buddy Off Roof

And the best thing the guy filming asks is ‘Are you okay?’, morons

Holy flurking snit!

my face really is like this :open_mouth:

Oh man. God they’re so fucking dumb…

Shakes his head

Wonder if they got hurt.

Brainless monkeys.

I don’t think its a question.

I was being sarcastic.


Ok, now that IS dumb. They got their dessert to doing something like that. Guh -.-

WHY did they do this, anyway? Just for 15 minutes of fame?

Um … ow.

That was so bad I got the giggles. That was after I thought about how stupid that was.


simply put: Dumbass

Mamalapedo :open_mouth:

I hope they die before they have fucking kids.

Im guessing this is their logic
“no it will be cool, see the table will break the fall, and it won’t hurt at all”
Im also assuming they like ICP a lot

That goes without saying.