Gunslinguh's new avatar thread

Well? I have had this picture lying around for a while. I did just now notice that it is in black and white, and also that Sin’s is in black and white. I hope he doesn’t think I was trying to copy him, at least there is a picture of me in there, and not some guy from The Beatles.

Eeeeeeeeeeyup… still haven’t killed yourself I see.

You should go back to the blue footed boobies.


What do you mean go back to the blue footed boobies?

I don’t know what he meant by it either, but boobies are always nice to look at.

Not if they have feet attached.

GSG’s old avatar was this


theres some psychological term for that

Neat trick, zep! How long did it take you to learn it?

I suggest something less emotastic.

Black and white was the only way I could make it look like the light bulb was lit up.