Gunslinger's PS3 problem

Okay, so that plan did not work out. I put the PS3 back in her room and told her she has it. She didn’t seem to react at all.

If this were about arguing I would have it back by now, because apparently she doesn’t care about me punching my dad. Instead, she cares about 4 inches of fake wood that broke off of the dash in her car when I got mad and punched it.

The current situation is that I have the PS3 again. This time instead of the attic, I decided to leave the box under her bed as a decoy and put the actual PS3 under my jacket in the living room (so I can use it whenever she isn’t around without having to climb into the ceiling).

My goal is to gain full use of my PS3.


MY PS3 is in my possession.

I can use the extra T.V. that was in my room, but my mom may notice it is missing from under the stairs.

There is a shop in my yard with a loft and a couch where we used to put the vidya games. But if I use that I run the risk of it being seen by my dad and brother who are usually out there working on cars.

I could set things up back in my room where they used to be (bad idea)

I’m thinking about just selling it. How do I get it back? Help me RPGC, you’re my only hope.

Hi Setz.

Wouldn’t I be a twenty-something right now if I were Setz?

Yeah, but you’d probably still live with your mom and dad.

Put it back where it was and then reclaim it by way of diplomacy. Mission accomplished.

Or you know, you could just sell it or whatever and then your mom find out that you pulled that shit. I’m sure she’ll be happy and forgiving and totally not ground you.

Take your punishment like a man, you pussy.

Stop being an imbecile or move out.

I tried diplomacy! That shit doesn’t work. And what the hell is she going to ground me from? Friends? Ha!

Maybe she’ll ground you from this messageboard.

Punching your dad and bashing your mom’s car is a great way to do diplomacy. You reap what you sow.

People buy PS3s?

I didn’t have a choice when I punched him, and I wouldn’t call it bashing.

Aww, did he touch you?

Sounds like you need a punching bag instead of a PS3.

I really overestimated the ability to solve problems around here. I actually get better results from /adv/.

Take a cardboard box about the size of your PS3. Color it to make it look like an X-BOX. Place the box over the PS3 and slice out any necessary wire holes.

Now they’ll never know.

Or connect your PS3 to your computer monitor and hide it in an empty computer shell.

If you would be more forthcoming and honest about what the hell is going on, you might just have useful answers. Or maybe not. It wouldn’t hurt your chances :stuck_out_tongue:

What else do you guys need to know? My parents can’t see the PS3 but I want to use it.

Jettura’s idea would work but I don’t have the cords for it.

Why the hell did you punch your dad and hit your mom’s car?

I punched the car because I was mad because my mom refused to take the dog to the vet, I wouldn’t have been so mad if she had not taken the cat to the vet every time it got the sniffles. I punched my dad because he wouldn’t leave my sister alone. I don’t see how this is relevant.