Gunslinger's Next Big Career Move

Military? No, medical and legal problems. College? No, no idea what I want to be. Action movie super star? Yes, if Arnold Swartzenwhatever can make millions of dollars off of a six pack and an accent, so can I. Minus the accent. And now he’s the government.

So what I’m going to do is get my driver license, get my car (already have one) and just drive to L.A. I will probably have to live out of my car for a while. I probably won’t have much success at all actually, but I am not going to settle for being in the 99%. Being anything less than millionaire is unacceptable. I can’t do it by getting a real job either because that conflicts with my other goal: to get laid and party all the time. How much partying were you doctors and lawyers and general success folk doing while you were in school? How much are you doing now? How much did Sylvester Stallone do? If I end up as a 30k a year loser when I’m 30, so be it. I tried. But what if. I finally know what I want, and I know how to get it now. Sort of. When I get there I won’t have anything other than a car, and craigslist to guide me. And who knows? Maybe I’ll do a few dramas and comedies along the way.

SWTOR is so fucking sick

I’m going to laugh my ass off if you end up in Final Destination 6.

Prostitution is proscribed in California; try Nevada.

edit: Ouch, harsh. But, seriously, it’s a bad idea. You could try being hired muscle for clubs’ entrance if you enjoy being buttered up.

Good luck sucking syphilitic cock in the back of a Volkswagon. When you eventually go insane from the venereal disease and starvation, consider hanging yourself. You’ve earned it.

You and everybody else, I imagine.

Unless you got talent (or know some people…or get on the “casting couch”) you won’t get far. Straight up.

You could always go into porn!

Mmmmm porn. I’m thinking about changing my name to Greyson Scott Galford. I’d go by Scott Galford. Sound like a good actor’s name? I know it doesn’t have the right amount of syllables but I think I can pull it off. And I got talent man, I got talent.

I blocked a punch with my face one time. That’s pretty much living the dream, as is.

Yes, but did you ever suck syphilitic cock?