Gunslinger Investigates!

Did somebody actually sift through my posts and find 1000 that were complete shit? How tedious was it to delete them? That is kind of a side question.

Real question:
(they= police and the like)

How do they get away with sending people to jail for not going to school? The topic came up in class today and my teacher said that a few reasons they force kids into school is to keep the kids safe from psycho parents. After that she just danced around the question. That is totally understandable, I’m glad they consider things like child safety. If the reason they do it is to protect the kids, then why would they send the kids to jail if the kids don’t want to go to school? I’m just really confused about the whole thing. Is there a list of laws and limits or something somewhere that I can read?

Another question:

Does anybody know how the records system in US schools work? I intercepted a letter to my parents where they mentioned how my behavior has changed over the years. What do they keep notes on? How detailed? Isn’t it strange that if you don’t go to a place where they keep notes on you (from the age of 5 and up!) you get sent to a prison? I’m going to ask a few teachers and my principal about it tomorrow. I think something is up.

Any detective tips before I start? I’ve seen most of the episodes of X-files so I think I’m up to the job.


School is to train you to get to the bells on time in the factory, prole.

I’m sure it didn’t take them that long since all of your posts are complete shit. They probably left you with something just to be nice.

We didn’t delete your posts. We lowered your post count. There’s a difference.

Yeah, the former actually would’ve been helpful is the difference.

There are no “permanent records” in anything that’s not college. It’s basically a scare tactic to keep kids in line.

SQL to run:

DELETE FROM [messages] WHERE [post] IS LIKE ‘SHIT’

Now that I think about it, the only evidence that I had suggesting that they do keep records could have just been talking about my grades.

Also, I didn’t go to school today.

What about the Department of Homeland Security?

Generally grades from certain courses taken in later secondary count on your transcript, which does follow you around.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t get them all, as I recall one or two times where GSG was actually not stupid (and the exactly one time where he owned somebody).

Besides that would most likely obliterate RP forums as well as taking a number of threads off the FF forums and such (and that’s not mentioning some of the classic comedy gold mines like Quina, Setz, or Sabin Sixpack Soccermom which are irreplaceable).