Gunslinger Girl

Im probably really late as usual…but i just wanted to tell you all how much this anime fucking rocks. Its called “Gunslinger Girl” and its the best anime i have seen in awhile. Theres nothing else like it, its so beatiful, it has a great story, and great characters. But man, none of these things are better than the others, its all great! The art is just beatiful, the storyline is as good as the art, and the characters are a perfect match to the story.

The basic premise is that a (government?) orginization takes little girls who have nowhere else to go, and trains them to be assians. (sorry i cant be more detailed, the subbed ver i have sucks…)

Now that may sound a little out there, and it did seem like that to me too. But after watching the first 3 episodes, im just, completely blown away…a must see!

I wasn’t that impressed by it, after watching the first episode I was reminded of Noir. Gunslinger Girl’s just felt to me like a Noir knock off with bigger guns and younger girls.

I guess it is sort of like noir…but noir didnt really connect me to the characters, and show their inner trials as much as much as gunslinger did…