Gundam Seed 2

Japan October 2004, apparently. Let’s hope the fansubbers get to work on it quickly. :smiley:

I wonder how they’re gonna do it. They could just take all the old characters an stick 'em into a new plot, like with Endless Waltz, but I hope not. If they keep up the quality of the set-pieces from the first series and try to keep the (let’s face it, inevitable) teenage angst/drama to a minimum, this could be something special. Here’s hoping.

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That’s good news, the series was great, one of the best Gundam ever, but it ended far too suddenly.

I think it ended at a pretty good time, without dragging on too long like DBZ or . it got a lot better after Kira and Aslan finally patched it up, and Azreal and Aslan’s father’s motives were revealed. A second series should be interesting. Have any other series had actual sequels, rather than just shifting to a new set of Gundams and heroes?

And I still want to know what was wrong with Kruz’s face. >:|

I say it had to do something with Kruz looking like Fraga/Fraga’s father.

I’d have to watch my insanely-badly-subtitled eps to check, but wasn’t it hinted he burned down the mansion? Did he maybe get caught in the fire? Scarring, etc?

Plus, if it is as simple as looking like Fraga/'s father, why would Kira react the way he did?

Uh, wasn’t Kira’s reactions due to what Kruz was saying? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but he still looked even more shocked when the mask came off: :open_mouth:

Kruz/Klueze whatever his name was, his face must be F-ed up cause of aging… It said sumthin’ about Klueze aging faster than normal ppl due to cloning or sumthin’ like that

well, the reason why they were in ah of the guys face is because of what Rwa said later. He said that there was a problem with cloning involving the aging process, it was accelerated or something, so that might have somthign to do with it.

Depends on what you mean. Z Gundam could be called a sequel to the original Gundam. ZZ Gundam (judging from what I’ve read about it) is DEFINENTLY a sequel to Z Gundam.

Far as Seed 2, I need to import some subbed DVDs of Seed cuz my comp sucks. :frowning:

MAN!! I’ve only seen the first two or three episodes of Gundam Seed (on CN… oy… ), and now they’re making a sequel?

COOL!! Er… at least, once I see it, it’ll be cool…

I can’t wait for the Sequel … SEED 2 Whee…

I just finished watching 1-50 ep of SEED yesterday. 4:00PM to 10:00AM

I, I, I … I want more I need more … OHHHHHHHHHH AND THE GIRLS~~~ Aw aw
I miss Mwu La Fallga already he is just like me :stuck_out_tongue: (personality wise)

come to think, Lacus Clyne is the type of Girl I am looking for. (but if she can combat like Cagalli it would be even better) :stuck_out_tongue:
hum a have a girl’s friend a bit like her but oh well…

Oh and sorry my first post here at RPGC Agora.
Got the full set DVD oversea … hum goodies

Is gundam seed that twisted cartoony version of gundam? Thats terrible.

Well, they both are, but thats even worse.

No, you’re thinking of ‘SD Gundam’ I think.

I am still getting Gundam Seed 1 :confused:

CRO :smiley: