Gun hoarding? For real?

As a man from distant barbarian lands where there be dragons, cows and people get together to consume vast amounts of meat during Sundays, all I know from this are vague rumours, hearsay, and a article.

As far as I understand, the price for firearms and ammo in your country is increasing because of higher-than-normal demand. The reason being people are hoarding bullets… in case Obama reforms the constitution and doesn’t let you keep guns anymore…

So… seriously, are people over there hoarding guns for a revolution? For real? Is your legislative system so botched that a constitutional reform could both pass AND be hated by a sufficiently massive percentage of your population, or are there really that many people with no knowledge of basic constitutional procedure, yet sufficient cash to influence the market on bullets?

The latter, most assuredly.

Americans are fucking retarded, as a rule.


The original concept of the American political system was the people would be well educated citizen statesmen who would be able to act as a universal militia (to deter British attempts to retake the country and to avoid a need for a standing military or a military budget) because of widespread possession of weapons. Although it was very idealistic it worked fairly well, though with some major kinks (Human rights issues with Native Americans and African Americans being prime examples) through World War II. Recently our education system has been a blight on our country and people are no longer being educated to an internationally acceptable standard. People don’t even understand their government but still vote to feign patriotism.

I had the good fortune of spending all of my schooling up until halfway through my first year of high school in Alaska (A state with gobs of money and 43% university attendance). When I moved to Arizona… Well, the high schools didn’t impress me. I went from my semester long biology course into a year long biology honors course and it didn’t even cover 2/3 of the material of my semester course in Alaska. Music and art went from being mandatory to being parent funded extracurricular activities (people give me funny looks when I say that learning to read music was part of my 4th grade required curriculum). The test that I had to take to finish high school in Arizona was massively easier and covered less advanced material than my high school entrance exam in Alaska, and it required a lower grade to pass. Trigonometry (which I learned in middle school) was only taught in honors classes.

I spent 3 1/2 years retaking middle school, if it wasn’t for vocational classes and the couple offered AP classes I would have gone insane. After graduating I learned that most of the country was struggling almost as bad as Arizona >_<

America won’t be on top of the world forever at this rate. Our universities are top notch, not many better ones in the world, but most of the people don’t have the education to attend them.

Damn, and that makes my entire speech redundant.

Some of the bullets being hoarded are stuff like .22 ammo. That’s not good ammo to try and protect one’s self with. It makes it very difficult to find ammo when you want to buy .22 so that you can just go to the gun range and target shoot. :expressionless:

^Your typical gun-hoarding american.

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Sounds like more conspiracy theory crap to me. Oh, I’m sure there must be some people who believe it, but Obama -who is still struggling to get the things he promised done- being a threat to the Right To Bear Arms? I don’t see most people swallowing that.

It’s as real as people who watch Fox News for non-ironic reasons.

Obama might be a bit slow to get things moving, but overall hes got the right values. I don’t think hes going to be doing anything constitutional yet. Gun control is a very 2nd term political stance, as it tends to be risky with both parties.

I would seriously doubt that a 2nd amendment repeal is something he would touch with a 10 foot pole until his 2nd term, and even then its fairly doubtful.

Did somebody say guns? This gives me an idea… Also, yes americans are fucking stupid, just look at me, I am pretty average. Some people in my circle even consider me to be quite intelligent, which would make me not average… I’m like wtf.

What? He’s almost through 25% of his term and he STILL hasn’t done everything he promised? Insanity!

Replace that “everything” with an “anything” and you’ll have it about right. He hasn’t gotten anything he promised done (though not for any lack of trying). That’s what you get when you elect a head of state with less than 1 term of national political experience. It’s like he thought that being president put him in a better position for writing laws than being a senator, which anybody with the faintest grasp of the American system knows isn’t true.

Overall I like Obama, but he has a steep learning curve and a lot of obstacles ahead of him before he can start pushing the types of changes that he wants through congress.

Messing with the 2nd amendment would be counterproductive to his goals because he doesn’t want a straight split of ‘vote by color’ partisan politics breaking congress up when he needs them united for his more important goals (health care, economic action, government spending reform, and all that fun stuff).


A repeal of the second amendment is almost impossible, seeing as it is a culture wars hot button and that’d roll back any gains of the dems in places where they didn’t use to do well.

As for gun hoarders, google survivalist for some [STRIKE]out there[/STRIKE] prepared folks.

According to that graph he’s kept more promises than have been compromised, broken, or stalled combined, and has another solid 100 “in the works.”

I don’t know what people thought was going to happen, but that sounds more than reasonable to me for any politician.

I’m just a bit skeptical about those 340 he hasn’t worked on, as well as the 100 in the works. The reason I voted for McCain even though I’m a bit of a liberal is because I’m a progressive before I’m a liberal. Both candidates were progressive in the last election, and that meant a win-win for America. The main difference was that you could go to obama’s web page and see a paragraph each about 1000 issues, McCain’s site had his issues listed with summaries followed by links to the bills (in full) that he wanted to submit to
congress. Obama spent all his time campaigning, McCain spent all his time preparing (while palin drove his campaign into the ground).

That bitch would have been 3 double cheeseburgers away from the presidency if McCain was elected.

Yeah… just Palin alone is a monumentally good reason not to vote McCain.

Sad but true. I still think that she sabotaged his campaign intentionally. There is no way somebody could be that stupid by accident. The republican party just didn’t want him in he presidency after he made the veto ultimatum.

If Obama can pull off half his promises in the end, he’ll be one of the greatest leaders in history, but I’m not holding my breath at the moment.

Doesn’t McCain get to choose his VP? It’s not the party’s fault that he made a stupid decision.

I also don’t think Palin did intentional sabotage. While Palin is not the brightest penny in the fountain, her biggest failing, one that makes her appear stupider than she really is, is her complete inexperience with politics. She tries to spin this into a positive point by saying that she brings an alternative to “Washington politics”, but she doesn’t even understand what “Washington politics” is, or what any “politics” is, let alone be a champion against it.