Guitar Hero 4 Review

I was considering that too when I made my comment. That guitar squeeling (or divebombs) still registers as tonal so I think GH did a good job at representing that. I see what you mean as it’s not entirely musical, but there are still notes there if you want to be nitpicky about it.

I’m thinking of easier difficulties. On medium that part made no sense to me.

I unlocked and played Pull Me Under last night. The bass part is harder than the guitar part, but neither of them are particularly hard.

The BYOB bass part was INTENSE. I still say BYOB is the hardest song in the game by a lot. Hot For Teacher’s up there too though. I underestimated that one. But it’s mainly the intro that’s challenging, and it’s nothing that can’t be done in a few tries with a bit of luck and flailing.

My buddy likes playing the guitar parts, so I’m usually on bass. There are precious few songs on bass that aren’t jokes. BYOB and Pull Me Under get dicey though. Scream Aim Fire has a formidable guitar part.

The only hard bass songs I remember from RB and on were Hysteria and <strike>Snow (Hey Oh)</strike> for Rock Band. Then again, I haven’t seen RB2 or GH4 in action.

Scratch that. Got instruments mixed up. I stand by Hysteria.

Run to the Hills can be a pain on Bass- it’s simple enough, but you need a lot of stamina. It’s an absolute BITCH on drums though.

RB2 out in Europe in 8 days! :smiley:

Hysteria, Green Grass and High Tides, Flirtin’ with Disaster, Panic Attack, Visions and Chop Suey are probably the hardest bass tracks.

Imagine what Steve Harris and Nicko go through each night they play that.