Guilty Gear: Accent Core comes out for PS2 NEXT TUESDAY!!!

I have my Excited face on.

And my Excited face is VERY excited right about now.

I know I’m running broke, but I’ll trade in whatever I need to in order to nab this gem. It’s not a bad price at only 30 bones, too.

Cool, I thought it wasn’t coming out for a few weeks now. No biggie, I’ll get it straight away.

In the immortal words of Igor from Dork Tower (and probably me, who-knows-how-many-times): IT MUST BE MINE!!! I’ll put it on my birthday list. :3

So, uh, I haven’t heard of this. What, exactly, is it? A new fighter? Something else?

They weren’t content to just make Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear XX #Reload, and Guilty Gear XX Slash.

To be fair, though…I’ve played Accent Core, and it’s a hell of an upgrade from Slash…for most people who’ve never played it, it’s a HELL of an upgrade from #reload.

I’ve only ever played XX. :smiley:

Guilty Gear has come…QUITE a long ways since XX. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a PC release right?

For #reload, yeah. #reload is pretty fuckin’ old, though, now.