Guild Wars

Yes, the thread had to pop up eventually.

I got the game the day it came out, and so far, it’s been pretty fun. It plays just like Diablo 2, but seems to have fewer cheating bastards. It’s also free, but that’s not too important, considering most free online RPGs suck ass.

The graphics are pretty good (even on my shitty FX 5200), although mouths don’t move in cutscenes for some reason. The skill system is pretty interesting, and gives the game a sense of strategy. Since the game is instanced, only your party appears outside of towns, but since that cuts down on lag and server bandwidth, and you can have parties of up to eight characters, it doesn’t feel that lonely. Partying plays an important role in the game, as you can’t finish the missions without help.

I’ve tried the PvP out, and so far, I’m having my ass handed to me. It was still somewhat fun, though, and I’ll probably try again when I’m at a higher level. Unfortunately, there are some balance issues; most notably, a Warrior/Monk build is almost immortal, especially once they reach level 20.

Also, it’s wise to avoid the Gamefaqs board; when every other thread is about “WoW vs. GW,” you know that community is doomed. I haven’t played WoW (I can’t afford $15 a month, at least not until I have a REAL paying job, and a credit card), so I can’t write a real comparison, but the ones I’ve seen have been so one-sided, it’s not funny (example: “WoW roxxors, gW r teh suxxors, blizz roxxors yor boxxors!!@!!!”).

Well, that’s my shitty little thing on the game. Go ahead and ignore this, if you want.

I bought it, and I am not dissapointed,

A friend at UGA has this, and it looked pretty fun (especially if we go around SERVING people). So, if my room’s gonna have internet access this summer, I’m probably getting it.

My friend got a copy to play when there is WoW down time. He likes it, so he says, but its not without flaws, Just like any mmorpg.

He and I are both turned off by the idea of everything being instanced. I kind of prefer the realism of “real” people walking everywhere instead of NPC people. But thats a sacrafice they made for lagg, which is forgiveable.

I’m willing to give it a try, but I need to test it before investing $50.

Towns aren’t instances. You still can get the thrill of people screaming for you to buy their shitty equipment. Oh, and overpriced crafting items and dye.

Can someone link a either the game’s site, or a review?

I’ve heard a lot about Guild Wars supposedly being “free,” but it appears from Frame’s comments as we perused the wares of a local game store that you still have to cough up some money for the semesterly updates. Maybe it’s becasuse I know people who get extra income by selling duped Diablo II items, but my mollusc flesh crawls at the idea of paying for content rather than for bandwidth. Unless you can just eschew the update and instance away with your richer friends with impunity. Then I’ll jump in, fo sheezy.

I’ll also add that from what I saw in the gameplay videos, the action looks like what you’d see in EverQuest… <i>just three times as fast</i>.

Every 9 months (they say) they’re basically releasing an “expansion” that contains the same amount of content as the original game. I believe these can be played stand-alone as well.

I quit playing because they were gonna wipe all the beta characters. Plus, nobody would go to Lion Arch with me

(Three days old is not necro!)

I just picked it up today, it’s been pretty fun so far. Like I said in the chat though, I really wish I could buy a bra for my ranger.

Okay, so far we have:

Me = Necromancer/Mesmer
d = Necromancer/Elementalist
Epic = Ranger/Mesmer, Elementalist/Monk
Flint = Ranger/Elementalist
Saladin = Monk/Elementalist
TD = Mesmer/?
Rudora =
KaiserBasara** =
Genericangstyposter = Warrior/Ranger
Sairan = Elementalist/Mesmer

So we’re kinda short on warriors. Could those who haven’t said already post their classes? Also is anyone else going to be getting GW? We could set up some killer games if we can all play together.

**So you’re not playing anymore?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, a certain other forum I visit has a private GW buying/selling channel with actual reliable people on the other end, so if anyone wants somethings specific I can act as a go-between.

quote does not equal edit ;_;

I have a Ranger/Mesmer and a Elementalist/Monk.

I have a Necromancer/Elementalist, named D Galloway (yes, I’m uncreative).

Man, we’re seriously short on warriors. >:\

When I get the game I think that I’ll be a warrior/ranger… I just haven’t had time to pick it up yet. ^^;

Ew, no, not Warrior/Ranger. They’re two practically useless classes to have together as most of the skills are either melee or bow dependent. There would be a few upsides, like if you just really want a pet, or if you had a good idea of a specific skill that would be good (like a bow attack to slow an enemy down if they’re running away for example). You could try it out, but you’ll probably end up specalizing in mostly Warrior skills and hardly using any Ranger skills.

Warrior/Necromancer should be a great combination, but I’m just suggesting here, I’m sure there’s a lot of good combinations if you really look into it.

Well, I did want a pet, but I’m alway very melee oriented and Ranger wouldn’t exactly be a great primary class for me. But maybe Necromancer would be cool. I don’t know… it depends. I need to see for myself.

If you want power, Warrior/Monks generally are a good class to take, and even if NCSoft decide to nerf them they won’t do it too badly.