Guild Wars uh... Guild stuff

I managed to get myself a Sigil, and overthrew that damn tyrant Pierson for control, so you people all need to go to lion’s arch and take a tour of the various guild halls and vote. There’s an NPC on a boat named Canthan Ferry Captain in Lion’s Arch who will warp you to look at the various guild halls.

If anyone else plays and wants to join our rather unactive guild, feel free to give me your character name. Oh, and please don’t vote if you’re not playing.

Clearly the Burning Isle is the one we want. It’s the burningest after all.

Don’t listen to Pierson, Captain Britain is a faggot =(

Kara, you’re a dirty whore.

If we get one, does this mean we can all start playing again? :smiley: No one near me wants to play. :frowning:

Make it free >.>; Then you’ll get all the cool people from RPGC! (who are poor and or cheap)


I’d play it so much more if I wasn’t stuck with the NPC party nonstop.

It is free. :open_mouth: Well, to play. To buy, it costs money, but duh.

That said, I prefer Burning Isle.

From a quick glance of things, Nomad’s seems the most interesting to play. Burning Isle looks ugly and I really don’t want to defend something that looks like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so you all know, we will have to get a cape before we can get a guild hall. And seriously TD, do you think we could actually do any guild battles? I highly doubt there would be any chance of winning unless we at least had a full group of level 20s. And even then it’d be iffy.

An excellent point, which reinforces my belief to not go to burning isle because it’s ugly and scenery is all we’d have :stuck_out_tongue: