Guide to thread discussions/arguments

Alright, first time making a Guide. (Eat this, CH!)
I seriously think a HELL of a lot of people need to read this guide to get the right goddamn idea when they start calling stuff flamewars.

Here we go. This is the guide to arguments, minor-major-flaming-completely nonsensical and any others I missed.

Tabel Of Contents (just 'cuz)

  1. Determining whether something is an argument
    1a. Deciding factors in an argument.
  2. Assessing the situaton
  3. Determining the type of argument
    3a. What a minor argument is.
    3b. What a major argument is.
    3c. What a heated argument is.
    3d. What a flamewar argument is.
    3e. What a completely nonsensical argument is.
  4. Credits
  5. Thanks

1.<b>Determining whether something is an argument</b>
An argument is very common on a message board. Usually in the form two or more people conversing about something, while disagreeing with their <a href=“”>converser</a>. There are many deciding factors on whether something is an argument or not.

1a.<b> Deciding factors in an argument</b>
Disagreement over a subject.
More than four posts by people who are disagreeing over a subject.
A definite issue to disagree about
(Example: the ongoing GCN Versus X-Box penis sizing competition)

  1. <b>Assessing the situation.</b>
    Do you have an opinion on the issue/s/subject at hand? If yes, proceed.
    Which side do you fit on? Choose wisely in some/most cases.
    Do you have something <u>intelligent</u> to add?
    <font size=1>This is an <b>extremely</b> important part of the guide. You <u>must</u> have something <u>close</u> to intelligent to add to at least be taken seriously.</font>

  2. <b>Determining the type of argument</b>
    There are, as I said before, many types of arguments. I will only touch on the most common, because I can’t think of any other possible types of arguments.

3a. Minor arguments
These are really more of group discussions.
There is no name-calling
Only 3-5 people are involved.
There is a quick end to the discussion when the persons are no longer online.
Quickly forgotten.
No one ends up thinking much differently of anyone else, if at all.
Never. Ever. Closed.

3b. Major arguments
Most, if not all, of the people online are involved in some way, whether they’re voicing their opinion, or disagreeing with someone elses.
Very orderly.
See Minor arguments list.
Not closed.

3c. Heated arguments
See “Major arguments” list. First item.
Not very orderly
Specific people are targetted because of their opinion, usually outlandish to most.
<b>No</b> insults
All religion threads start out as Heated. After that, then who <b>knows</b> what direction they will take.
You can clearly see who is banding along with who because they begin repeating each other
Not closed.
Extremely rare because someone ends up sending it spiraling downward into the next item in our big ol’ guide.

3d. Flamewars
Very common
Involve a lot of people
Insults are commonplace
People become personal with their arguments when targetting one person.
There is no longer any discussion, just insults being flung back and forth between the opposing sides.
One person seems to be completely cornered by many others (rare occasions, but there nonetheless)
Ends in punishment for one or more persons involved in the flaming.
In most cases, ends up with the thread being closed.
If it is not closed, warnings are distributed as to stopping the flaming, or taking the wrath of the <strike>annoying</strike all-powerful mods.

3e. <a href=“”>Non-sensical</a> Arguments
Arguments about completely pointless things.
Somewhat rare. No ToB=No nonsense.
Usually involves a baked good of some sort, or a fruit.
All the people involved in non-sensical debates can probably be seen posting together in other threads.
Most likely involves an eden.
Usually made in the waining/late/early-morning hours of a day, when there are less mods.
Closed quickly, usually when a mod wakes up.

  1. <b>Credits</b>
    Created by Steven Sherrick
    If you want to use this on any webpages, ask me (like anyone will, but oh well)
    Created for those of you who are just so damn stupid you can’t tell the difference between a flamewar and a great argument.

  2. <b>Thanks</b>
    Anyone who participated in flamewars and arguments of all kinds to help me with researching these phenomena.
    Myself for taking time to actually write this fucking thing.

Wow, you must have wasted…err uhh spent a lot of time working on this guide that probably no one will follow GOOD JOB!

Oh well, I don’t care if anyone listens to it. I made it. It’s done.

As much as I like flamewars, I think this should be included in the rules of every Board that there is.

People have a tendency to call arguments flamewars. Arguments are not flamewars, flamewars are ridden with insults and put downs, arguments are just heated discussions.

Sorc. Read it first. :stuck_out_tongue:

very thorough, Steve. good job, methinks.

pats Stevie on the back Good job. I like it.

Wow nice, what made you write it?

People calling disagreements flamewars probably :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, mostly that. But I really wanted to do it because satan told me to :smiley:

Steve, you are… a Modern Master!

Pretty much the same way I judge arguments.

Wow, its so profesional…you should get that thing notarized!

Originally posted by Sorcerer
People have a tendency to call arguments flamewars. Arguments are not flamewars, flamewars are ridden with insults and put downs, arguments are just heated discussions.

That’s the distinction, plain and simple. Of course, if you wanna get into details, Steve hit the nail on the head.

SK usually uses a lot of insults and putdowns, yet no one claims he’s flaming.

Well then maybe people need to grow some proverbial balls and tell him X.

Why not include some examples of some Flamewars, and disagreements?
Eg Sabin thread linkage :stuck_out_tongue: