neat , thats amazing steve, im so happy for you.

No really i am very proud of you

Just don’t crash your car into a tree or anything, that would be a real shame

Omg Steve I just thought I should ask now can you take me to the mall?! squeal

Congrat’s Steve.

Remember jaywalkers are worth 50 points. ^^

Old people are worth the least, because they’re slow. Those young kids on the bikes, now there’s going for a high score.

Surprisingly, once. :smiley:

and also, this is the car I drive >.>
<img src=“”></img>

I got mine last year. :slight_smile:

… and here I was thinking you’d tell us how you’re tuff.

Congratulations. This reminds me to destroy my new license and to demand a new picture.

Cool stuff there.

I got mine a while ago though I’ve rarely driven and I don’t own a car. Meh.

I don’t have a license, but I have a car. It’s a craptastic 93 Ford Taurus, that looks kind of turquoise. I won’t care much once I get it fixed up and put a decent sound system into it.

I’m never getting my fckin license… Cars are dangerous, I hate them… I’ll just stick with my bike or take the bus or train or plane or sumthin

note to self Learn to type you fckin bastard

Yeah… my hair is down past my ears and my license picture has me with a shaved head… o_o;

I look retarded in mine. I was trying to make the picture NOT look bad, but i turned out looking like a douche-and-a-half. I’ll scan my picture when I have more time tonight.

Maybe that’s because you are a douche-and-a-half.

Epic, do I even wanna <i>ask</i> what that is in your avatar?

Well congrats on getting you license. Hopefully I’ll have mine by the end of the year, sincw I’m still in the process of having lessons.

I’m guessing Mountain Dew.

Yeah… maybe I… HEY!

Edited out my ssn >.>
<img src=“”></img>

Oh my. O_o;

As a side note, I don’t like the design of the Ohio lisences.

:too bad; Why do you have to be hot/cute?

612 east benton street MWUAHAHAH ahem >_>

Edit: Fuck you ass twit

You seriously creep me out, quit it.