I updated my profile for the first time in 4 years. Check it out, everybody! I’m not going to be hanging around the boards much, but I’ll check this message in the next few days to pay individual respects to people who I’ve missed.

Let me just say first and foremost that I’m probably not ever going to do any more work for RPGClassics. This deck has played out, as my mom says of things which no longer hold meaning for her. But I’ve thought a lot about my time that I spent here and I really love you guys. This was a beautiful environment for a boy to grow up in, and I appreciate you all for creating it. I owe so much to RPGClassics and its community.

Thank you all! A hundred thousand times!

Viva RPGClassics.

Heh…I havn’t been around nearly as long as you, and I’ve never really gotten to know you well, but you were always one of the more interesting ones floating about. I can’t think of a time when you havn’t had something interesting and/or amusing to contribute to a conversation.

Good luck to you in all of your travels, Mr. Taim. Within RPGC and beyond it. :cool:

(…)This was a beautiful environment for a boy to grow up in(…)

Strange but true.

Have fun with the rest of your life, Marlim Taim (:P). May God shine on you for the rest of your days.

If you ever drop by Jahja, particularly Athens or May-retta, don’t be a stranger. The 984 will be sure to demonstrate some of that legendary Southern Hospitality.

Awww. See ya around sometime Maz. I’ll get you yet! :kissy:

Later dude. hahaha, I remember the time I was supposed to meet up with you guys, but then I slept in. oh man, good times.

Good luck Comrade.

See you at the end. Until then, good luck.

Good luck maz.

It was a pleasure to have you around! Good luck with your endeavors, and I hope to see you again soon!

Good Luck Maz! May you meet with success in your endevors.

Psst, you still have yourself listed as main forum mod.

And ou gotta come back and visit every now and then.

Goodbye Maz, may the allways wind be at your back, and may your enemies remain few.

You’lol be missed. It was nice knowing you.

Godspeed, soldier.

Take it easy.

Good luck in any of the things you have to do,and you better come visit or the people of RPGC will haunt your nightmares (right guys?)

Bye :wave: Don’t forget to post!


Big Nutter
You keep Safe now, and if we meet again: Chow!!

I will always remember the day I dry humped you in the airport parking lot. <3 It changed my life forever.

As will The Sorc!