guess what today is.

today is free comic book day woohoo.

today across the world comic book store give out free comic books to promote new material. go celibrate!! :moogle:

The comic stores here didn’t. It’s Saturday, they’re closed.

I like the idea of free comics, but the actual free comics you get are a little sub par

And non-japanese. Let me know when “Free Manga Day” happens. I’ll so be there.

I went to the local comic book shop, and saw this happening. None of them looked really interesting, to be honest, so I just passed.

Yes, because if they’re FROM JAPAN, they’ve got to be better.

Yeah. The Japanese make everything better. Why bother with one facial when you can get cummed on by thousands of scrawny Japanese men!

Oh yes, that’s the best thing ever. Honestly I love when that happens. XD

No, but seriously, I haven’t seen any american-made comic that I’ve liked since I stopped liking Archie Comics (years ago)

Whereas I have yet to see a manga that I didn’t like. Although i’ve only been collecting for about a year and a half, I’ve seen a fair bit, and liked it all.

While I admit that most american made comics are complete crap, there are some that are pretty cool. Batman : The Dark Knight Returns, while the art is simple, is just too badass for anyone to ignore.

Plus, I think the same thing of manga. Wanna see a shit manga? Imadoki by Yuu Watase. I don’t think I have ever regurgitated over a piece of comic literature, and yet, she proves me wrong every time.

The main difference between American Comics and Manga is that American comics are done assembly-line style- a Writer writes a story that a Penciller then draws which is the retouched by an Inker and then lettered by a Letterer an Edited by an Editor. Most Manga are usually the product of a single writer/artist (sometimes, a small team, like CLAMP) which means that they focus on a personal vision instead of being, say, the 500th Superman adventure. On the other hand, they lack the concept of Unified Universes like DC or Marvel Comics’. I always loved that.

And thanks for the heads up, Caith. I’ll go see what I can find! ^^

You seriously need to read some Sandman, by Neil Gaiman or some of the older Batman comics. Sin City and Hellblazer are also highly reccommended.

I’m not even in the faintest bit interested. I will say that every american comic I remember reading seems trite, pointless, contrived and ugly, by my memory. Now, I haven’t read everything, but from what I have read, that’s what I gathered.

Iga, I’ll check this out. Maybe I’ll like it, maybe I won’t. Yuu Watase isn’t my favorite manga-ka, but from what I’ve read of hers, it’s pretty good. (2 books of Marmalade Boy)

And, yes, I’m one of those nihon-philes who loves Japan and hates almost everything about my own culture. Why? Because our culture has done nothing but show me how corrupt it is, how boring it’s entertainment is, and how stupid and selfish (most of) it’s people are.

I suggest you study Japanese culture more if you truly love it. Otherwise, you’ll still look like a moron that idolizes something he knows nothing about.