Guess the Final Fantasy Personality


I am nearly immortal. I use my nightmares as a form of repentance. Who am I?

yuffie is 16.

and vicent

i am a disceaver,theif, and a mystic cat in old folklore.

who am i?

:moogle: i steal peoples fretos and write stuff in my book alot. who am i?

:suckah: i’m one of the few black people in the final fantasy series.

      who am i... foo?

Ibuki? (Street-Fighter 3, third strike!)


I love this stuff, maybe these won’t be to obscure.

  1. We leave.

  2. I’m done with all that. I will rule with fear.

  3. No sense taking any risks, let her take point.

  4. What is this, some kind of dog training?

  5. Now I’m all roly-poly.

  6. Next to you, who wouldn’t?

  7. Gruuuu…

  8. Like I care!

  9. Be careful, you hear?

  10. Muscle heads? Hate 'em!

grumbles about quotes

1: sounds like Zidane.
2: Rufus
3: Bigg’s and Wedge as the enter Narshe
4: Seipher
5: i think Vivi… i realy dont know.
6: Cloud
7: a lot of bosses.
8: Squall
9: I think Sabin… or Edgar.
10: Ultros

I have spent my entire life in a prison of silk and gold. I have noticed a change in the people i love, and fear for the safety of my nation. I want to do what is right, but i feel so powerless. I really enjoy seeing the world, and meeting new people. My favorite pass-time is study and opera. Who am I ?

Siddartha Goutama. By the way, only one boss says “Gruuuu…” and it’s Whelk.

<img src=“” width=“68” height=“66”>It was a leafer! How could you people not know that?

you are princess garnet til alexandros 17th(aka, dagger)

i do what ever i want when ever i want. you have a problem with that?


your right.

isent anyone gonna guess at my other questions? :moogle:

hastily scribbles down the URL to this thread, to refer people who call him a final fantasy geek :smiley:

Swordchucks, Yo!

That’s why this is…our Nebeilheim
GO GULLWINGS prances around like a fag
Where’s the Phoenix Down?!
Dont blame us. Blame yourselves or God
You think you so bad, jes cos you used to be in SOLDIER?
Shit, Tifa, you oughtta know by now
Shut up and drink your goddamn TEA!

(guess which one I’ve played the most…)

Did you ever know that I have mine (eyes) on you?
I prefer treasure hunter
Thou? Thou Thou Thou! Thou Thou Thou!

keeps in mind not to tell them what name he goes by on this board

sounds like some delita, that one weird guy from x-2 in the airship?(I never played x-2 I just watched my friend play it for like ten minutes), chocobos and moogles, barret, cid, julia? locke, and…I have no idea



Correct. It’s not part of my sig, it was part of my list. It is a FF likness so it counts :slight_smile:


“KAZE-SAMA!” or they wrote: かぜさま。

Big Nutter
Who Said that?


you spoony bard!!!

Coolness, Born. All correct except:

5=Wedge (the fat Wedge from FF7 that dies)
9=Dr. Kadowaki, FF8 (she punctuates a lot of stuff with “you hear?”)

And “thou thou thou etc.” = Gau.