Guess the Final Fantasy Personality

The rules: Describe a Final Fantasy Charter…If you get it right ask a new question…The looser is someone who fails to make a correct guess.

I am the one borne of a Dragon bearing both darkness and light.

Who am I?

Aelia from Valkyrie Profile!

Actually um Kain? twiddles thumbs in embarrassment

I thought it was Cecil, but I’m just guessing from the message that comes up when you talk to Elder McDude in Mysidia.


So do you mean Squall, TD?

cool a quiz

I wish to be in love, but because i am different from everyone else, i do not think i can be loved. What i desire most is to be loved, and needed by others, and to figure out my place in this world.

Who am I ??

i like trains!

who am i?

President Deling? >>;;

Friends are loyal to the end, ya know?
Who is this?


You’re Fujin.

Jus’ cuz you a stupid @#$! #$!^&! dun mean you gots to %^%$ &*^$^&$%

That one’s Cid from FFVII, huh?

if it was for my chara: :noway:

maybe i should say:

i loooooveeee trains!!!

now it’s obvious

Hades is joking…I hope. :hahaha;

Selphie, duhhh.

And Swift Kid’s is probably Cid. The rules said DESCRIBE, not QUOTE.

Anyone gonna give mine a shot ? I thought it would be easy…


Your right… it is Terra,

I am a 14 year old ninja girl…who am I?

Black Belt!

I’m a rabbit who wears leaves around my genitals. Who am I?