Guess... That... Riff!

That’s right, ladies and gentleman. It’s time for Guess… That… Riff!

GRARARHFL:KJASDL:KJ*(!@&#(*GHNVSJKDfqowi734901287ytajhg POST! >_<

Chill out man, for heaven’s sake.

Weeee, someone posted :slight_smile:

I see it was all an evil plan to make me post, you evil little schemer you.
Anyway, back on topic. What is that thing?

It’s a riff from a song i’m learning… Anyone at all know what it is?Hah, you thought I was gonna tell you
Fuck it… it’s the “Die, by my hands” part from Creeping Death, by Metallica.

I’d say you did an alright job. You should do another one, I wanna see if I can guess it. And if I figure out how to put guitar sounds onto the computer, maybe I’ll do a few too.

S’good. Any more? I tried to learn Guitar once. I failed miserably…

KK :slight_smile:
This one is really easy

Err, not to me. Sounds vaguely like something from a film though. It’s familiar.

I know this one! Is it… One? By Metallica?

Holy… what the fuck?
Chris chris got it :stuck_out_tongue:
Man, of all people, too 8p

One is one of my favorite songs by Metallica. :slight_smile:

Here’s another :slight_smile:

More Metallica, or something different.

I only make new ones after the one preceeding it is guessed correctly

So it IS a different riff then? I was guessing Metallica, in case you did another one by them, hoping I’d fluke it.:hahaha;

God, I thought someone woulda caught it by now :stuck_out_tongue:

<font color="#000000">Aeris’s theme from FF VII.</color>

…Jesus 0_o. Now that is cool.:yipee: Nice one Steve.