Alright, I recently aquired the entire GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka) manga. Let me say this about it; yes the writer is a pervert, yes I think that the series is slightly female oriented, but man is it funny. Has anyone else heard of/read the series? Obviously I would like to know your opinions on the matter.

I don’t know but would you gladly direct me to a site where I may find this? Thank you in advance once you get this.

I know my friend downloaded the anime, but I haven’t seen it yet. I know of it only because of the Megatokyo referencing it.

Oh… well. Okay… I’ll be playing Final Fantasy 6/3.

i cant take you sig seriously goner…all i can think of when it comes to axem is the axem rangers from SMRPG…

You’re not supposed to.

mmmk, i hope you know i wasnt trying to offend you or anything.

No… I don’t. It’s okay. My sig is basicaly a joke. From now on. I will use basically at least once in every of my replies.

I’ve seen the anime GTO, read all the manga that’s released in the US, and have the live action series (which is pretty good, though I’ve only seen a few episodes) stashed around here somewhere.

The anime is above average, and the manga is way above average.

I’ll take you’re word for it. But… I wouldn’t be wasting my time.So I’ll be off canoodling with ways to find a cure for diseases. I am a doctor, though not a liscensed one. So my cure is to put some Vicks on it and stop whining, haha.

Gto is great, love me some crazy Onizuka. Its nice that there are episodes for just about every character. I’m not sure if i’ve seen all the episodes or not but should be pretty close to seeing them all. I want to check out the manga sometime. Is the live action series available in english? I hate that school’s in session song that this showtime channel plays with the anime.