GTA's gone to AO now

This is going to do a wonder for Rockstar’s stock.

Better. So now they can’t complain anymore about its content.

EDIT: Ouch, it’s more rare now.

I believe this is the first commercially produced game to actually get that rating in North America.

I know someone else had to read this on PA and laugh - “It’s unfortunate that in order to defend videogames, it usually means you’re defending Rockstar specifically.”

I’m slightly peeved that the majority of mainstream news about video games these days seems to be about GTA. Isn’t there something better people can discuss?

Nah, opponents of video games’ continued existence just don’t have anything else to go on.

So, if it’s adult only now, think they might make the hot coffee minigame readily available rather than through cheats and mods? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, they’re going to remove it, and bring it back down to M.

What’s funny is that I saw a commercial for it today, and it still said “Rated M.” I guess now they’ve got to update the TV spots, too… >_>

It’s Already at the top UK rating from the BBFC which is 18, and I think the GTA Games are the First to get any rating and it was 18.


On a side note, I noticed in the Best Buy ad that Halo 2 map pack had an “EC” rating, but with part of the “M” rating still showing. Wonder if I should’ve scanned it.

Well, below is a copy I took off the Best Buy site. Kinda hard to see, but I think you can still see the “C” at least.

Rockstar is owned by Take-Two:

Subsidiary Rockstar Games has ceased manufacturing the current retail version of “Grand Theft Auto” and will begin working on a version with enhanced security to prevent use of the “Hot Coffee” modification, Take-Two said.

Although the updated version is scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter, Take-Two lowered its third-quarter and full-year expectations to set aside funds for returns of the game’s North American inventory.

The company sees a quarterly loss of 40 cents (U.S.) to 45 cents per share on net sales $160-million to $170-million. Previously, Take-Two projected a loss of 5 cents to 10 cents per share on $205-million to $215-million in sales.

For the year, guidance was reduced to $1.05 to $1.12 per share on $1.26-billion to $1.31-billion in sales from a prior estimate of $1.40 to $1.47 per share and sales of $1.3-billion to $1.35-billion.

Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial currently predict a quarterly loss of 6 cents per share on $213.1-million in sales, and annual earnings of $1.44 per share on sales of $1.34 billion.

Take-Two had a loss of 21 cents per share on sales of $161-million in last year’s third quarter, and posted a profit of 94 cents on $1.13-billion in sales for 2004.

Shares of Take-Two rose 12 cents to close at $27.07 on the Nasdaq, but later dropped $3.07, or 11.3 percent, to $24 during after-hours activity. The stock has been moving between a 52-week range of $19.26 and $29.60.

Time to buy?

I though it was Adult when I heard those Lines. I think My brother has lent his GTA:AS and GTA:VC.

I knew that Rockstar was cutting it close when seen some parts.

I’m really worried about this, honestly. Take-Two was finally getting their shit together, and are the exclusive publishers of all of Sid Meier’s games now. I’m a huge Civ fan, so I’d hate for a tiff over GTA to be responsible for stores not carrying Civ IV… >_<

Adding a little something to this conversation,Behold the game that this idiot is saying to be Worse than GTA:SA’s hot cofee

Now it’s too far. He should have stopped with his victory, but now he’s either a) destined to lose or b) going to end gaming as we know it. I’m leaning on the former.

I thinks he’s trying to establish a baseline or something: “NO sexuality or nudity will be tolerated in games!”

The thing is, if he tries it, he’s definately going to lose, at least in the court of public opinion. Sims 2 and GTA: San Andreas might be good, but it’s one thing to go after a game that’s already every anto-gamer likes to beat on for being uberviolent (don’t get into my opinion of the hypocrisy of them on Hot Coffee)… it’s another to go after a game that most likely did not intend to have any sexual content or nudity… and is much more mainstream.

So while many people might say “Yeah, yeah, Grand Theft Auto is evil, ban it, burn it, censor it”… more people will be like “wait…there’s evil content in The Sims? When did THAT happen?”

So we get bitching about bad sex scenes in ultraviolent games, and screaming about Barbie doll nudity in a game which goes out of its’ way to being as inoffensive as possible.

And of course, looking at GameFAQS, GTA:SA (for all systems) seems to be very much requested. Lovely. This guy makes his side look bad.

Edit: Oh hey, wanted to remark about this-

[UPDATE] Thompson this afternoon updated his earlier statement, saying he is aware certain mods only remove “the blur,” but adds that “Electronic Arts has done nothing about this.” Thompson’s new conclusion: EA is “cooperating, gleefully, with the mod community to turn Sims 2 into a porn offering.”

Gleeful cooperating? Due to the fact that most companies, if any, have no control over any content not expressly under their jurisdiction?

If EA were to have a mod that gives all the parts, if graphic detail, on any sites they control… yes. That could be arguable. General community sites… not so, and they really not have much ability to do so… not to mention pissing off mod communities tend to be a really bad idea.

Yanno, thinking about it, I would liken it to something like “Hey, I can kill a sick poodle with my bare hands! Now I’m going to take on a pit bull. While I’m drugged and with one hand behind my back. They’re all dogs, right?” Would that be considered heroism or a Darwin Award?

Where did he get the idea that the sims are in full nudity with nipples and hair etc. under the blur if maxis said that they are mannequins under there…?

He just assumed.

God I wish I had stock in Take-Two. :frowning:

I think his complaint about the Sims 2 (after his first complaint was shot down as ridiculous) is that EA isn’t shutting down mod sites, as if game companies should hold 100% ownership of a game after a customer buys it.