GTA IV Thread

Cos someone else will make it if I dont.


Played it last night. Not a fan of the GTA series, but this one managed not to blow. I was actually kinda impressed.

That’s the best compliment anyone will ever get from hades.

It’s the best compliment a game that derives 95% of it’s fun (which amounts to about 5 hours) from cheat codes and violent rampaging will get from Hades.

This one at least looks good and seems to have some kind of shadow of a decent plot though.

And great online play.

I just started it and wow, the polish on the game is amazing. They really went through a lot of effort o_o.

Some of the cars are gorgeous. I really dig the Comet, I think it’s called. And the black Lambourghini.

I feel bad stealing people’s stuff and running red lights o_o;;.

Originally Posted by Sinistral
I feel bad stealing people’s stuff and running red lights o_o;;.

Are you still feeling ok with the running down prostitutes though? Amirite?

So far it is good, but I’m still liking GTA:SA more, it just seemed like there was more to do and characters were cooler. It is still better than GTA3 or GTA:VC though.

So here’s my question:

Did they go back to using underground music, like in GTA3? In my opinion, changing to popular music was the worst change they ever made. In the original GTA3, it was cool to listen to underground music, because it felt like you were in an alternate reality, where the music playing on the radio was the popular music. It really made it feel like almost all of that music was made FOR GTA3, even though that’s not the case. The underground music gave GTA3 the best atmosphere out of any game in the series, I think.

Wait till you guys plays the multiplayer.

The writing in this game is absolutely brilliant.

I…actually felt that way, too. It’s a whole lot less cartoony than the previous games, which actually has a bit of an effect on how I play, who I kill, when I go on the typical murder spree, etc.

In short: Great game. Play now. Now. NOW!

Saint Rows II promises to be what GTA IV left behind, as in ultra over-the-top action like the old GTA3 games, apparently.

So we’re going to end up with two styles of freeroaming gangster games.

The underground music gave GTA3 the best atmosphere out of any game in the series, I think.

GTA2 -Taxi drivers must dieeeeeeee!

Yeah, this game is pretty fucking sweet.

Seriously, after a night out with my flatmates, coming back to chill to this was actually awesome, just drove around looking for stuntjumps.

And it convinced my flatmate that cocaine is baaaaaaaad, mmkay.

I came across ‘Schweine’ video (sans subtitles) a few years ago, and I thought it was hilarious. But I would have never imagined that Rockstar would pick this song for the GTA soundtrack.
Яadio Vladivostok Яocks!!!
Seryoga’s song was an icing on the cake.

[i]You are a Russian guy, you clasp to nail Liberty City
And there behind the ocean, you will build a new live
Russian boy is come,well Uncle Sam, hold on!!!

There" is not here
Cosa Nostra is not a bratva
Rublevka is not Hollywood
LC is not Moscow
Gin is not vodka, and
Malboro no Belomor
All will be clear
Need just stay alive[/i]

I don’t even own this game and I already can’t stand to watch or play it anymore. So fucking boring after the 2-3 hours of novelty wear off. NEXT.

2-3 hours barely even scratches the surface of the game. O_o