Gta: Irc

Anyone ever have an idea about something that sounds completely stupid, but would actually be pretty farking cool?
Like Grand Theft Auto: Internet Relay Chat. It’d be like the RPGClassics chatroom, only the /kick command would be awesome. You could just chat with people while messing around. And the /me command would have LIMITLESS possibilities.
Anyone have any other ideas like that?

A great idea I had: efervescent bubble gum.

About the GTA stuff, I don’t think the kick would be so awesome.

Hey, some time ago I was learning how to make my own MirC script, we could work together on a GTA one.

Nonono, I mean a completely 3d chatroom.

Originally posted by Steve
Nonono, I mean a completely 3d chatroom.

There are some programs for chatting in 3D environments, the last one I’ve seen is from Adobe. You could use one of those programs and create your own chatroom. You may use 3D max to make your chatroom.

In an old program I used in the mid 90’s the founder of a chatroom could also make the models that people would use when chatting. If this can still be done you could also model the gangsters.

One Fucked Up Idea Steve.

Sounds Interesting anyways

And Sounds Like My Video card couldn’t handle it anyways ;_;

I once saw a 3D chat program that would run nice on a Pentium II 300 mhz with 2mb video. They aren’t as heavy as games so I think more ppl can use them.

Whoa that isn’t a half bad idea.

Originally posted by Steve
Nonono, I mean a completely 3d chatroom.

The Sims online.